Pakistani cartographer creates first 3D traditional food map

The artist has mentioned 221 traditional food dishes across Pakistan, which makes it the largest halal food country.

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Pakistani cartographer, Assam Altaf, has created the country’s first traditional food map, earlier this month. The 3D-interactive highlights the indigenous food of different regions of Pakistan.

The artist has mentioned 221 traditional food dishes across Pakistan, which makes it the largest halal food country. The map was released on the website of Pakistan Altas, of which Assam in the co-founder.

The map includes traditional foods of Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Sindh, Punjab, KP, and Balochistan. Altaf said that the idea came to his mind when he was preparing the Karachi tourist map. It took him two months to complete the map. Altaf has even created a separate page for every food item that gives information about the recipe, ingredients, directions, pictures, and from where you can eat the food.

The picture of the traditional food map is making rounds on social media with people appreciating the cartographer for his unique idea. Altaf has been producing interactive maps in a bid to promote tourism in Pakistan.

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Altaf in his blog post said that “When I started on data collections so many dishes names appear in front of me that I am un-aware off and I did not even know that they exist. But now I am excited to share with the world and the best thing is you can easily find those food details on this same website.”

“The Idea came to my mind 2 months back while I was busy working on my Karachi tourist map and when you think about Karachi then food will come to your mind automatically, So I have decided to making a platform for the world from there they can find all details of Pakistani Food and Serving restaurants,” he added further.

Altaf said he has created three types of maps: 3D static food map, 3D interactive map, and Real-Time Google App Map.


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