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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pakistani cuisine, famous Ghaseeta Khan, gets featured in Italian magazine

An Italian magazine has featured Pakistani cuisine in its recent issue. The 72-page magazine is receiving rave reviews on social media as people are appreciating its efforts to bring Italy and Pakistan closer.

Popular Italian cuisine magazine, Gambero Rosso, features Pakistani cuisine with a featured image on the famous Ghaseeta Khan, a famous eatery of Pakistan.

The magazine has featured the food culture of Karachi and Lahore in its latest issue. The feature was organized in collaboration with the Pakistani government and Italian mission in Pakistan. Council of Italy in Pakistan, Danilo Giurdanella, shared the post on his Twitter account.

“Pakistani cuisine featured in one of the most important Italian culinary magazine @GamberoRossoINT. Special thanks to @zahirrahimtoola!!,” wrote the councilor in a tweet.

“Pakistan featured on ‘GAMBERO ROSSO’.@chefkumale presented a report on Pakistani cuisine of two megacities, Karachi and Lahore. @emergingpakist1#italy #Pakistan #foodtribune #TalkingPoint @CommissionerKhi #AvariHotels  @MoCommercePk,” said the Embassy of Italy in Pakistan.

The feature is expected to give Italian and international readers an insight into the rich food culture and cuisine of Pakistan with the potential to boost tourism in Pakistan. With the positive reflection of Pakistan in an Italian magazine, the feature can bring close people of Italy and Pakistan, encouraging them to visit Pakistan and taste the delicious and scrumptious traditional dishes served in Lahore and Pakistan.

Italy has been the latest to join hands with Pakistan to promote tourism in the country. The foreign mission of the UK, USA, and Canada has already been actively working with the local administration to promote tourism in the country.

Other missions are working on the preservation and cleanliness of the tourists and heritage sites in Pakistan.

Earlier this year, a UK-based magazine titled Fascinating Pakistan has been launched in January 2021 to promote local and international tourism in Pakistan. The quarterly magazine aims to project Pakistan as a complete package for travel enthusiasts.

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The 72-page magazine is receiving rave reviews on social media. The organization endeavors to highlight the rich cultural and historical heritage of Pakistan with a mission to reinvigorate the lost glory of the country globally. The vibrant magazine through its unique, unusual, and as they say ‘fascinating’ content wants to disseminate a message to the world that Pakistan is a remarkable and safe place for foreign and local tourists.