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Thursday, April 11, 2024

‘Parwaz hai Junoon’ to become first Pakistani film in Chinese cinemas after 40 years

'Parwaz hai Junoon' is set to release in Chinese cinemas on November 13th this year, becoming the first Pakistani film to be released in China in 40 years

Pakistani film, Parwaz Hai Junoon, featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi, is set to be screened in China on November 13.

CGTN journalist Shen Shiwei, in a tweet, said: “Pakistani air force film “Parwaz hai Junoon” to debut across China on Nov. 13. One of the movie’s highlights is that the JF-17, a fourth-generation fighter jointly developed by #China and #Pakistan, makes a surprise appearance in the film.”

Too early to predict business success of movie

However, nothing can be anticipated about the business the movie will do in China. The experts say a better understanding of the movie can only be ascertained once it debuts in China.

Abbasi also expressed joy over the screening of the movie in China. In a tweet on Thursday, Abbasi said: “Grateful to Allah that I got to be a part of the 1st Pakistani Film to be released in China after 40 yrs.”

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In a statement released earlier this year, the Chinese Embassy said Parwaz Hai Junoon would be screened in China as part of the ‘16 local-to-local partnership’ to promote cooperation between the two countries.

Global Times reported that the agreement “was signed in April 2019 at a China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation forum during the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.”

Pakistani film with a patriotic story

Parwaaz Hai Junoon “tells the story of a group of young patriotic cadets who become the best fighter pilots in Pakistan after experiencing all kinds of challenges and hardships,” the publication commented.

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“The movie also focuses on the growth of female pilots. One Pakistani woman in the film gives up a life of luxury and overcomes many difficulties through the power of love and finally achieves her dream to become a pilot of the JF-17 fighter jet,” it added further.

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