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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pakistani players & Indian taxi driver in Australia: A story of respect

Pakistani players have not won a match in Australia, but they have surely won the hearts of millions of fans, both in India and Pakistan, with a heartwarming gesture towards an Indian taxi driver.

Three Pakistani players Naseem Shah, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Yasir Shah won the hearts of Indian and Pakistani cricket fans for their heartwarming gesture to an Indian Taxi driver during their ongoing tour of Australia.

Australian commentator, Alison Mitchell, narrated the entire incident during the commentary of the match. Mitchell’s video of recounting the tale to co-commentator, former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson, and listeners, was posted by Australian Broadcaster Corporation on its Twitter account.


Alison said that a taxi driver, who picked her to drop her at Gabba last week, said that he drove five Pakistani players from the hotel to an Indian restaurant for a meal. The taxi driver said Alison that he refused to take the taxi fare from the players out of respect and love.

Pakistani players reciprocated the gesture with an offer of a meal. Alison said taxi driver shared a meal with them, clicked selfies with the players and enjoyed time with them. An exchange of heartwarming gestures between Pakistani players and an Indian taxi driver came at a point when both the countries are at a face-off diplomatically.

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Moreover, India has also suspended the bilateral cricket between the two countries. Despite multiple calls from Pakistan to resume cricket, the cricket series remains at a halt with India refusing to tour Pakistan on security reasons. For years, the two teams have been competing with each other in international cricket tournaments only.

Meanwhile, the video of Alison Mitchell is viewed multiple times on Twitter, with Indian and Pakistani fans cheering the taxi driver and Pakistani cricket players on social media. The social media reactions speak of Indian and Pakistani fans eagerness for the resumption of cricketing ties between the two countries.

While Pakistani players are having a tough time in Australia, they surely won praises on social media. Pakistani fans even enjoyed light-hearted banter during the recent Cricket World Cup despite the poor performance of the team.