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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pakistani Twitter is not having anymore of Faisal Vawda’s antics

Federal Minister, Faisal Vawda's recent antics attracted two-pronged reaction from social media users. A few hailed him for rightfully shaming PPP and PML-N for taking a sharp U-turn on their narrative of civilian supremacy and backing Army Act Amendment Bill. A score of disgruntled followers of opposition parties supported Faisal Vawda and vented out anger against their leaders on Twitter. Others slammed the minister for stooping extremely low that undermined his stature as the federal minister.

Minister Faisal Vawda’s antic of flashing boot- an insignia of the army on a national TV show drew flak on social media.

On Tuesday, Faisal Vawda flashed a ‘boot’ to sneer opposition parties PPP and PML-N for lending unconditional support for Army Amendment Act on an ARY News show.



Federal Minister’s gaffe welcomed criticism on social media from the followers of PTI itself and other opposition parties.

Faisal Vawda, known for assaulting opponents with snarky comments, came up with a new gimmick to slam opposition parties on the TV show.

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Faisal Vawda’s recent antics did not go down well with Twitter users who slammed the federal minister for sharply falling from grace amid his attempt to shame nemesis.

People questioned the credibility of Faisal Vawda to chair a ministry with this mental caliber and sanity. Social media calls for action against Faisla Vawda.

According to them, the minister has smeared the sanctity and integrity of three important pillars of state-armed forces, media, and parliament.

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Meanwhile, anchorperson Kashif Abbasi and ARY News also came under the whirlwind of criticism on social media.

Social media users slammed Kashif Abbasi and news channel for being complicit with Faisal Vawda in stirring up a predicament for PM Khan and other opposition parties. Instead, he should have taken a break and drum out Vawda from the show, said the social media users.

Twitter users demanded that Faisal Vawda’s unpleasant behavior should be debated upon in parliament. Certain sanctions should be imposed to discipline the behavior of politicians on TV talk shows.

However, a score of PTI followers condoned Faisal Vawda’s antic of shaming Pakistan People’s Party and Muslim League-Nawaz with a boot for reverting from their narrative of civilian supremacy and resigning to the traditional mindset.

Perhaps, many of them were disgruntled supporters of opposition parties who felt disillusioned with a sharp U-turn of opposition parties. Adding that these opposition parties merits to be shamed and disgraced for bluffing their followers.

However, a few of the PTI members censured Faisal Vawda’s act while others chose to remain silent on the controversy. Meanwhile, neither PEMRA nor PTI has acted upon or issued a statement on the controversy yet.