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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pakistan’s global and regional concerns to center-stage PM Khan’s UNGA address

PM Khan's UNGA address through a video link will highlight Pakistan's global and regional concerns centering on lasting peace in Afghanistan and enhancing Pakistan’s diplomatic outreach and engagement with its international partners and key institutions.

Pakistan’s global and regional concerns will be the focus of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s United Nations General Assembly address which he will deliver through a video link, said Foreign Office on Monday. Pakistan’s regional concerns center on the continued engagement with the Afghan Taliban and the end to the spill-over of militancy and terrorism from the Afghan soil which have plagued the security situation in Pakistan for years.

The high-level segment of the 76th Session of UN General Assembly (UNGA) will be held in New York on September 21-27.

Separately, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will be visiting New York from September 21-25. During the visit, he will participate in various high-level meetings and side events, and deliver a talk at the Council on Foreign Relations where he is expected to highlight Pakistan’s global and regional concerns which converge to bringing lasting stability and development in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister will hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts and the UN leadership. He will also interact with a cross-section of the international media and meet the dynamic Pakistani-American community.

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Pakistan’s global and regional concerns reflect its faith multilateralism

Pakistan has always played an active and constructive role in the United Nations framework and supported the Organization in the effective discharge of its mandates for addressing various regional and global issues as well as contemporary challenges.

“The prime minister’s policy address and the foreign minister’s visit to New York will serve to enhance Pakistan’s diplomatic outreach and engagement with its international partners and key institutions,” the Foreign Office said.


The Foreign Office said, “This reflects Pakistan’s abiding commitment to multilateralism and affirmation of the United Nations’ central role in the maintenance of international peace and security, promotion of sustainable development, and respect for human rights worldwide.”

This statement perpetuates the idea that Pakistan’s global and regional concerns converge at forging neutral and impartial relations with both regional and external states. In doing so, Pakistan adheres firmly towards the concept of building bilateral and multilateral ties through economic cooperation and peaceful co-existence.

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Pakistan’s regional concerns related to Afghanistan

As Prime Minister Imran Khan has highlighted multiple times during press conferences and regional platforms such as the recent 20th SCO conference in Dushanbe, Pakistan’s narrative remains grounded in promoting a peaceful and inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan. Pakistan for years has faced the brunt of Afghan anarchy and power vacuum which when filled by militants and warring factions led to catastrophic repercussions for Pakistan. The spill-over of militancy and violence along with terrorist outfits seeking safe haven in Afghan soil to launch terrorism in Pakistan has deeply scarred and marred Pakistan’s writ and international credibility.

With Prime Minister Imran Khan continued assertion on positive international engagement with Afghanistan’s Taliban government, Pakistan’s global and regional concerns likely to revolve around ensuring peace and prosperity in Afghanistan which impacts all.

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