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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistan’s Land Route Fruit Export Breakthrough to Russia

Pakistan achieves a milestone in regional trade by transporting fruit to Russia via land route, marking a significant feat in bilateral relations and economic growth.

Pakistan’s National Logistics Corporation (NLC) has achieved a significant milestone in regional trade by successfully transporting a consignment of Kinnow fruit to Russia via a land route. Departing from Sargodha, 16 NLC vehicles embarked on a journey spanning 6,000 kilometers, culminating in the arrival of 14 vehicles in Derbent and 2 in Grozny, Russia.

The warm reception of the NLC convoy in Derbent signifies the potential for enhanced bilateral trade between Pakistan and Russia. Representatives from various organizations, including the International Road Transport Union, Russian Customs officials, Pakistani embassy officials, and members of the business community, gathered to celebrate this achievement. The Russian authorities applauded the NLC’s efforts, recognizing the opportunity for mutual trade expansion.

Revolutionizing Regional Logistics

This landmark accomplishment is further underscored by the recent launch of the NLC referral service, which plays a crucial role in facilitating trade in the agriculture sector. With approximately 40% of fresh agricultural produce spoiling due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure, the reefer service employed by the NLC ensured that the fruits remained fresh throughout the journey.

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Moreover, the NLC has previously facilitated the delivery of various commodities, including bananas, meat, and seafood, to neighboring countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China, demonstrating a commitment to bolstering regional trade ties.

Promising Economic Prospects

Pakistan‘s initiative to transport fruits to Russia via a land route opens up promising economic prospects. This strategic move aligns with the country’s efforts to expand bilateral trade amid economic challenges.

With Pakistan striving to attract foreign investment, particularly from the Middle East, and strengthen its reserves, initiatives like the NLC’s land route to Russia play a vital role in diversifying trade avenues and fostering economic growth. Moreover, the direct cargo service to Russia is anticipated to significantly boost Pakistani exports, potentially adding USD$2.5 billion to bilateral trade in the coming years.