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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Panahgah in need of Panah: Shelter Homes nears shut down

A welfare project, shelter homes, is facing difficulty to function in the long-run due to the absence of a coherent system for fund allocation. A relief for destitute, the project calls for the government’s project to sustain its utility.

According to a report, PM Khan’s key initiative shelter homes named “Panahgaahs” for the homeless people are reeling with limited funds to function smoothly.

The report claims the local authorities and administration are funding the makeshift homes from their budget since the federal authority has not allocated the budget for the operations of Panahgahs.

An unnamed source from the administration warned that the running of shelter homes will be difficult in the long-run if the government does not assign the funds for the project.

Shelter Homes were built in Islamabad and Peshawar in the makeshift structures, government properties, and rented buildings. The authorities in Peshawar also complained that the lack of funds clouds the smooth functioning of the homes; adding that they have not been given the funds by the provincial or federal government for the panahgaahs that saddles the tight budget allocated for other development and administrative projects.

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“Panahgahs are being managed in a way our police stations are being run on others’ pockets. For example, without paying any money a low-salaried policeman is asked to take an under custody accused to the court for a hearing and then bring him [the accused] back to the lock-up,” said the senior official.

The local authorities say they are compelled to approach the NGOs and other private welfare organizations to help them run the shelter homes.

The PTI government had established three shelter homes in Islamabad to provide a secure place for homeless people who sleep on roads on the footpath. PM Khan said that the such homes will protect the people from extreme weather conditions and chilling temperatures.

Call to upgrade the shelter homes

Earlier, the news of shortage of beds at I-11 shelter home in Islamabad circulated on social media. The shelter home with a capacity of 200 people experienced an influx of people following the fall in temperature in the federal capital.

The shelter home has 80 complete beds left that are insufficient to accommodate more than 200 people. Caretaker of the Panahgah, Rosh Dil Khan, appealed the affluent and philanthropist to help them meet the financial and administrative needs of the shelter home.

He informed that during the recent wave of rainfall in the city, the number of people getting served three-time meals exceeded to more than 1000.

Rosh Khan said, 300 people were served with breakfast, 500 with lunch and over 600 people were fed dinner.

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Hence, shelter homes, one of the noble projects of the current government calls for immediate attention. Among the beneficiaries are low-income bevy including daily wage laborer and unemployed. They said that with the free service they can save more money for their families from their marginal incomes. These homes were functional within 20 days after PM Khan issued orders.

They appreciated the government’s concern for them. However, a true welfare project is nearing shut down if not given attention.