Paresh Rawal bashed for his unapologetic tweets on Rohingyas, Kashmir and Pakistan.

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A fan of Modi Sarkar, Paresh Rawal has landed in hot waters after his expressions of scorn towards minorities including Rohingyas, Kashmiris and Muslim population of India.

In his unapologetic tweets, the Bollywood actor has overtly attacked all the issues that are sensitive to Pakistanis. From advocating the oppression of Kashmiris to hailing Sushma Swaraj’s vitriolic speech in UNGA 17 against Pakistan, Rawal has recklessly passed contemptuous remarks for Rohingya and the Muslim minority residing in his country.

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The actor is a proactive member of the Lok Sabha, the Indian Parliament and romanticizes the violent and intolerant disposition of BJP, the ruling party of India.

It is not the first time the renowned actor has displayed his staunch support of intolerance and extremism. Previously, the actor was grilled for his irrational statement on the acclaimed novelist Arundhati Roy, about tying her to a jeep, he said this over a fake news story that accused the novelist of making pro-Kashmir remarks. After a lot of hue and cry, the actor was forced to delete his tweet.

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However, Rawal is not alone, many in the Bollywood industry have been disseminating hateful remarks against Pakistan and Kashmir in particular. Sunny Deol, is prominently known for his Anti-Pakistani movies.

Meanwhile, from Sharukh Khan to Amir Khan, Muslim actors are being accused from time to time for lacking the nationalist sentiments and loyalty towards their homeland India.

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