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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Parwaz Hai Junoon Trailer: Good Marketing by the PAF or a bit too colorful?

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Hum Films, a production house of Hum Media Group, has collaborated with the Pakistan Air Force’s media directorate for a film based on the lives of a few Air Force Officers. As the trailer has been released and is making rounds on social media, here is our dissection:

The trailer depicts a scene from the Risalpur Academy where the basic military training and educational progression of cadets takes place. The trailer suggests a comical outlook; it isn’t funny in there at all. The fall-ins are brutally well disciplined and there is no room for even the slightest of slips.

Nevertheless, starring Hamza Ali Abbasi, a popular Civil Servant-Turned Actor – turned anchor, the trailer promises a light comedy and more of a personalized story rather than the usual combat-riddled Pakistani movies such as Waar starring Shan Shahid. Parwaz Hai Junoon also stars recently risen to fame actress Hania Amer and Ahad Raza Mir as two of the three main lead characters. The video clip navigates through the skies and into the lives of the three main leads.

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Hania’s character has given up American citizenship to serve the Air Force back home in Pakistan (as is revealed during her ISSB interview). Hamza’s role is that of a meek and tender protagonist and Ahad’s character is seen ridiculing Hania’s for being a woman in air force. (reality check: that mentality does not exist within the ranks anymore). And also, it is safe to assume that PAF pilots, being the best in the world at what they do in the skies, don’t dance on weddings like that.

But of course, as Shoaib Mansoor had revealed to the world with Alpha Bravo Charlie decades ago, most of the Pakistani military officers are romantics at heart. The plot features a love triangle between the three General Duty Pilots, with a social stereotype also in play (Hania’s mother asking Hamza if he could leave the PAF). It is best left to the imagination whether if this triangle could be relatable to that of the ABC’s Captain Faraz, Captain Gulsher and the center, Shehnaz.

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The last TV media that PAF collaborated for was Shehpar, a drama series based on the lives of Pilots in the PAF, with an elaborate look inside the otherwise coveted Air Force. Shehpar aired on PTV in the early 2000’s and was a hot favorite. Another drama film, Sherdil was also aired after a few years featuring the globally acclaimed Sherdil Air Acrobat Squadron aired on ARY Digital. Recently, a PAF themed music video “Shedil” was released starring Imran Abbas and a few others in a star-studded lineup.