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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Patari music; sexual misconduct, resignations and unfavorable work environment?

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Ahmer Naqvi, the interim CEO of Patari, the online music streaming service along with his six fellow colleagues have resigned from the leadership positions.

Naqvi complained that the former CEO Khalid Bajwa, despite suspension and an ongoing inquiry for allegations of sexual misconduct, is still taking the decisions for the organization.

In his Facebook post, Naqvi stated, it had became increasingly difficult for him and his team to work in an unfavorable environment, as Bajwa and his associates impeded their work.

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He informed, a meeting of top leadership was held in which few members expressed that Bajwa was unfairly treated and wrongly accused. Naqvi stated those members wish to reinstate Bajwa as the CEO of Patari.

He in his post, later blamed the organization for hypocrisy and questioned the organization’s commitment to moralities. Since according to his account the leadership has immensely failed to comply with the ethics in their own case.

“It felt clear to us that while Patari, which had always sought to be an organization to champion progressive ideals to the world, the co-founders were refusing to apply the same values to one of their own.”

“And in doing so, the party felt that “in the company’s current environment we believed there was no room for us, our values, or our work”, he wrote in a Facebook post.

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Khalid Bajwa was asked to step down from his leadership post after several women accused him of sexually harassing them. The following official statement of Patari on the controversy stated Bajwa could only be reinstated to his post after being cleared for the ensuing inquiries that began earlier this year.

The resignation of its six employees with startling allegations is another major debacle for the company following the public image disaster it faced earlier this year.