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Friday, April 19, 2024

PCB under fire for omitting Imran Khan in the video celebrating cricket

The video released by the PCB began with a quote from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and chronicled Pakistan's cricket journey.

The PCB has come under severe criticism from passionate fans for the noticeable absence of World Cup-winning captain Imran Khan in a video celebrating Pakistan cricket’s achievements on Independence Day.

Urooj Mumtaz Khan, a former captain of the women’s cricket team and a commentator, pointed out that while the video showcased other players from the victorious 1992 World Cup team, it conspicuously left out Imran Khan.

Urooj Mumtaz Khan expressed her disappointment, stating, “While reminiscing about Pakistan cricket’s history, the video featured 11 images of the 1992 World Cup victory, but failed to acknowledge the greatest player to have ever represented the country! Imran Khan’s legacy extends beyond global cricket and he unquestionably deserves recognition.” She underlined Imran Khan’s enduring impact on cricket history.

The video released by the PCB began with a quote from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and chronicled Pakistan’s cricket journey from its debut on the international stage in 1952 to the triumph of the 1992 World Cup, Champions Trophy, and the T20 World Cup 2022, where Pakistan secured the runner-up position.

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Although a brief image of Imran Khan holding the World Cup trophy appeared, numerous fans found this fleeting appearance unsatisfactory and demanded a more prominent tribute to the former captain.

Critics across various platforms, including commentators and sports journalists, rebuked the PCB for excluding Imran Khan, who is presently incarcerated in Attock prison following his conviction by a session judge in the Toshakhana criminal case on August 5.

Commentator Annus Raza labeled the PCB’s omission of the iconic former Pakistan cricket captain as “shameful,” emphasizing that the video’s oversight of Imran Khan, the nation’s most celebrated all-rounder and World Cup-winning leader, was entirely unacceptable.

Sports journalist Arfa Feroz Zake underscored the glaring contradiction demonstrated by the national cricket board, noting that while the PCB advocates for maintaining a separation between sports and politics, it failed to incorporate Imran Khan, Pakistan’s only ICC World Cup-winning captain, into their special Independence Day video. Zake criticized this action as hypocritical and disheartening, reflecting poorly on the PCB’s proclaimed stance.