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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PDM govt gets slammed for latest hike in petrol price

The latest petrol hike comes just a few days ahead of Ramadan. The increase in petrol prices has sparked intense criticism of the government, especially from its political rival PTI. 

The PDM government is once again getting criticized for dropping a petrol bomb on the public that is already suffering from high inflationary pressures.

Wednesday night, the government, without warning, jacked up the price of petrol by Rs5 per litre. Petrol will now be available at Rs272 per litre, as compared to its previous price of Rs267 per litre. Likewise, the government enhanced HSD price by Rs13, from a previous Rs280 per litre to Rs293 per litre now.

The Finance Division, in its fortnight bulletin, attributed the price hike to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar and an increase in the prices registered by Platts Singapore.

“Accordingly the price of MS(Petrol) has increased by Rs5 per litre and the price of hi-speed diesel has increased by Rs13 per litre,” the notification read.

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Pertinent to mention that the latest petrol hike comes just a few days ahead of Ramadan. The increase in petrol prices has sparked intense criticism of the government, especially from its political rival PTI.

“This the real petrol bomb. 13 rupees increase in diesel, 5 rupees increase in petrol, will further increase historic inflation. PDM government is a big disappointment for the public,” PTI leader Farrukh Habib said.

“Thirteen rupees increase in diesel price and five rupees increase in petrol price. This government has come down as the punishment of Allah on Pakistan, recite Astighfar and join the struggle,” Fawad Chaudhry said.

“Maryam Nawaz had said in the election campaign last year that Nawaz Sharif will reduce the price of petrol on the day that the price will decrease in the international market in our government. The price of oil has been decreasing in the world market for the past several months and the government is continuously increasing it in Pakistan,” Dr Arsalan Khalid from PTI said.

“Another petrol bomb of the incompetent imported government on the people while the prices in the world are low! At their hands, the people are suffering from the worst economic crisis while they are creating the worst fascism in the country,” Senator Dr Shahzad Waseem said.

“Brent crude oil was at $81 two weeks ago but today stands at $72. But the government decided to increase petrol price by Rs5 & diesel Rs13/L. This will further fuel inflation. Ishaq Dar’s unamusing tricks resulting in evaporating people’s hard-earned money in thin air,” Hasaan Khawar said.

Members from Pakistan’s media fraternity have also spoken out against the recent petrol hike which will increase the inflationary burden on the masses, that too with Ramadan around the corner.

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“Today, the price of petrol has decreased in the international market, while the price of petrol has been increased by five rupees and diesel price has been increased by thirteen rupees in the country. The inflationary storm has turned into a tsunami. Can the government justify the increase in petrol prices?” journalist Asma Shirazi said.

“In the global market, crude oil became cheaper by 6.39% to 66.77 dollars per barrel, while Brent crude oil decreased by 6% to 72.80 dollars, but our experienced government has increased the price of petrol by 5 rupees and diesel by 13 rupees per liter,” anchorperson Ameer Abbas said.