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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pet lion attacks minor in Gulberg, Karachi

Pet lion attacks minor boy in Gulberg, Karachi. The video goes viral on Social media leads to a police investigation.

Thursday night, the owner of a pet lion was taking it out for a walk in the middle of the street. While standing in the middle of the street and talking to some people, the lion pulled itself free and attacked a minor boy passing by.

The attack occurred in Gulberg, Karachi. While the lion managed to get hold of the boy, bystanders finally wrestled the boy free and subdued the lion.

CCTV footage of the incident that went viral on social media clearly shows how close the boy came to a potentially fatal injury. The police took note of the incident and reported that no one was injured. The owner of the lion is said to be a citizen named Umar.

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While owning such wild animals comes with huge risks, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Pakistan. Due to a lack of proper law implementation, people can easily acquire them with appropriate licensing as long as they have the money.

One primary reason for keeping pet lions, especially, is it being the symbol of one of the countries major political parties, the PML-N. Those that can’t afford to keep a lion make do with lion posters on their cars or bikes.

Keeping a dangerous wild animal might be a supposed psychological boost to one’s masculinity; it must never be forgotten that some beasts just cannot be tamed.