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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Shahid Afridi slammed over photo of caged ‘pet Lion’ on social media

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Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi faced criticism on Twitter after he posted a picture of his daughter with a chained Lion at his Karachi residence.

His young daughter was seen posing his Boom-Boom strike in front of a caged Lion. Afridi also shared another picture of him feeding a baby Deer.

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The cricketer took to Twitter to post what he thought would be a pleasant post about family time and being kind to animals. In his Twitter post, he urged his fans and followers to look after the animals as well since they too have their rights and needs to be protected.

He wrote: “Best feeling in the world to have my daughter copy my wicket-taking celebrations. And yes don’t forget to take care of animals, they too deserve our love and care.”

To his surprise, citizens, however, could not keep their calm and countered the former skipper with several advice and questions.

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They asked if he deemed right to chain an animal and keep him away from his natural habitat. The commentators hoped Shahid Khan Afridi would reconsider and release the Lion soon. Also, they were alarmed on the lack of the safety precaution for his daughter. Many females remarked that it was dangerous to leave a little girl near a Lion.

One user wrote: “Chaining up a lion is not showing love to animals. Please release him to the Wild. Lions are born to roam freely in the jungle & not be held captive for your amusement. #animalrights”

Shahid Afridi enjoys enormous praise and popularity internationally. It is rare for the star cricketer to confront any backlash, however, his fans and followers believe, they have the right to point out his mistakes.

Shahid Khan Afridi is yet to respond to the criticism but his followers anticipate a positive reaction from him.