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Thursday, February 15, 2024

PIA: Plane hits a baggage tractor at the Islamabad airport this time

The passengers in the compromised aircraft were shifted to another plane so they reach their destination timely.

A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) plane collided with a baggage tractor before it was about to depart from New Islamabad International Airport to Sharjah.

According to sources at the airport, the Airbus-320’s VHF antenna was damaged when it hit the tractor, thus, it was grounded to be restored and repaired. The passengers in the compromised aircraft were shifted to another plane so they reach their destination timely.

The aforementioned incident is not the first of its kind. Prior to this, a Pakistan  International Airline (PIA) Airbus-320 at the Karachi International Airport, had hit a conveyor belt vehicle, suffering damage to its second engine.

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Due to the driver’s dereliction of duty, he was suspended by the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) authority.

Moreover, earlier this month, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) released a set of orders for its cabin crew, which also include seizing their passports once they land in a foreign country. This development came days after a PIA flight attendant went missing as soon as they landed in Toronto, Canada.

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The newly issued directives are an attempt to stop such incidents from happening where the cabin crew goes missing in foreign countries. “The steps have been taken in view of the incidents of cabin staff slipping (away in other countries),” PIA General Manager Flight Services, Aamir Bashir, who issued the aforementioned directives stated.

The incident does not come as a shock to the airline, as two similar incidents of cabin crew going missing in Canada also occurred not too long ago, informed a spokesperson of the national flag carrier. They further informed that the problem has been brought up with the Canadian immigration authorities.

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The cabin staff after clearing immigration and customs checks upon arrival in foreign countries would hand their passports over to the station manager, revealed Dawn. The staff will get their passports back when the flights would be ready to depart, informed Mr. Aamir Bashir. Also, the security of the hotel where they would be staying will keep a check on the cabin staff to ensure each member checks in on time.

Moreover, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the cabin crew would only be allowed little mobility, and they would be prohibited to stay out of the hotel at night.

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