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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE – which one has the best camera?

The competition between iPhones and Android phones is omnipotent. Recently, Apple's new release, the iPhone SE, stole the stage as the best affordable phone in the market. However, Google's much-awaited Pixel 4a has seen several leaks, which has sparked yet another debate in the tech world: Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE.

The highly anticipated Google Pixel 4a is a current hot topic with numerous leaks all over the internet. Many are comparing it with Apple’s iPhone SE. However, Google’s new release needs to pull some impressive tricks out of the bag to compete against the cutting-edge processing power of Apple’s new iPhone SE.

Owing to this new release, Apple is back in running for the title of budget champion. The $399 device is a compact beast, delivering A13 Bionic power and very good cameras in a compact design. However, Google’s Pixel 4a will also be reportedly its cheaper alternative to the flagship Pixel 4 model.

Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE: Camera

Google gained plenty of fame for bringing the best-in-class Pixel 3 camera down to the Pixel 3a for a very affordable price last year. And to this day, the Pixel 3a remains the best camera phone among budget and midrange options. Hence, we expect to see the Pixel 4a offering some of the Pixel 4’s algorithmic magic for half the cost.

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However, the iPhone SE has already taken the title for the best camera in affordable phones. Apple is proud of the 12-megapixel rear camera in its new cheap iPhone, calling it the greatest single-lens system the company has ever shipped. This could throw a wrench in Google’s plans.

Thanks to Cuban YouTuber Julio Lusson and a supporting article from Xda Developers, we now have a full review of what he claims is a pre-release version of the Pixel 4a, complete with sample photos taken with that all-important new camera, and it gives potential iPhone SE buyers a lot to think about.

Both Pixel 4a and iPhone SE are vying for the title of the best single-lens camera; therefore, Pixel 4a’s success or failure will depend largely on its photographic capabilities. Lusson’s samples show that the Pixel 4a will retain the most impressive camera features. This is unlike the iPhone SE which cut some major corners.

Lusson helpfully provides a range of shots taken in different camera modes, and varying lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors. In addition to these standard shots, the samples reveal that the Pixel 4a can shoot impressive Portrait Mode shots. These particular shots reveal one big advantage of the Pixel 4a over the iPhone SE. If you want to check out his images for yourself, you can download them here.

Powerful Portrait Mode

Another strong factor in the Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE debate is the portrait mode in both phones. The iPhone SE’s Portrait Mode is designed to work only with pictures of people (although it’s possible to work around this limitation with a third-party app). However, the examination of the metadata in Lusson’s samples reveals that Pixel 4a can generate depth information for non-human objects; for example, droplets of water in mid-air. This clearly demonstrates how the Portrait Mode in Pixel 4a isn’t restricted – unlike the iPhone SE.

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The Pixel 4a also offers a few other tricks that Apple’s latest phone can’t match. Lusson includes samples shot with Google’s Night Sight and Astrophotography options, neither of which exist on the iPhone SE. It’s hard to judge the quality of the Pixel 4a’s Astrophotography mode from these samples as the lighting conditions are less than ideal. But, the fact that it’s even there in the first place indicates that Pixel 4a owners won’t have to compromise when it comes to Google’s cutting-edge camera features.

Lusson also demonstrates the phone’s ability to deliver telephoto images at up to 8x zoom thanks to Google’s Super Res Zoom technology. While I have some reservations about the quality of the Pixel 4a samples at 8x zoom, they do look considerably better at 3x. He says that the Pixel 4a also supports Google’s Dual Exposure control. Previously available only on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, this feature allows you to adjust highlights and shadows independently in real-time before capture. This gives you a degree of manual control not available on the iPhone.


Of course, a more rigorous testing regime will govern a fair comparison between the two phones. However, the Pixel 4a’s camera packs in an impressive line-up of features; and many expect them to surpass the iPhone SE’s capabilities in several areas. With the Pixel 4a expected to match the iPhone SE’s starting price of $399, it’s bound to be an exciting battle.

This is all based on rumours because Google hasn’t officially unveiled the Pixel 4a yet.  Nevertheless, the Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE debate soars high as enthusiasts wait in anticipation.