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Friday, July 5, 2024

Parasitic Hinduvta Ideology, Tearing Secular India Apart

The Hinduvta ideology is eating the nation up like a parasite and building the potential for collapse and when it’s thoroughly done with India, the nation will crumble from the inside. It is not just an issue for Muslims, Sikhs or Christians but an issue for Hindus themselves. This blind extremism is steering Indian society towards its doomsday.

History plays a major role in the promotion of nationalism and patriotism. However, if one’s history shakes the foundation on which its nationalism sustains, that country is doomed towards failure. Modern India is faced by a similar predicament that puts all fervently nationalistic and patriotic Indians in a compromising position – all thanks to the rising Hinduvta Ideology.

Indo – Aryan theory

The Indo Aryan theory is a significant theory that not only highlights but challenges the historic, genetic and religious basis of Hinduism and the current generations of India. Mainly, the theory rebukes Vedas and Sanskrit – two crucial foundational components of Hinduism to be merely a product migrated from Eastern Europe.

Whilst, Hinduvta thinks it is acceptable to sieve their lands and societies from Christians and Muslims on the basis of them being immigrants, the grim reality is that Indians residing in modern India today are merely a residue left behind by the Indo Aryans, that being so, ensuing the liquidation of the indigenous and rightful owners of India.

The prideful language of Sanskrit that is held so dear and close to the heart of leftist Hindus is another immigrated particular of the Aryan culture – a foreign integration of Greek and Latin.

The Indo–Aryan theory dates to 5000 years and highlights how South Asia’s indigenous populations were invaded by warrior-like people from Eastern Europe. Whilst, the invaders were tall, broad, blonde and aggressive in nature, the indigenous Dayuds were short-heighted and dark-skinned.

According to the theory, a set of governance was required to maintain the status quo and keep a hold over the natives and so Aryans introduced Hinduism as a method for governance. Keeping in mind that these invasions date back 3000 – 5000 years, it is apparent that the invasions took place continuously in order to generate a new set of ruling, society and discourse.

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Children of God 

The religion was strongly based on skin colour and physical traits for the Aryans to maintain superiority and for the indigenous people to stay at the bottom of the food chain. To date, we see racial discrimination in South Asian culture; such divisions of skin colour have resulted in DNA coding of generations with a mindset that discriminates on the basis of skin colour. These discriminations ensured that the indigenous people served the Aryans through the religion introduced, as they familiarized themselves as ‘Children of God’.

The direction of wealth was towards Aryan Brahmans basking in the accumulated wealth of hard earning lower castes, religious donations and even sacrifice. Years later, the contemporary India reflects an inferiority complex left by the Aryans through worshipping Aryan look-a-likes in religious scriptures, books, art, theatrics, literature, idols and even the media.

The world poll awarded India first ranking in the world under the title of “World Rape Capital and the most dangerous country of the world for women to be in”. This practice of abuse, suppression and patriarchy in India is not new but a by-product of the Aryan invasion.  The patriarchy brought with it practices that undermined the role of women in the society even though the ancient civilizations of Mohenja Daro and Harrapa were known to be extremely advanced.

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Hinduvta ideology in India  

Recent years have seen a rise in radical Hinduism in India, its reflection extremely prominent in the methods of ruling by the current leadership of India – BJP has carved out certain laws with exclusion, discrimination and oppression of minorities in India. Hinduvta ideology focuses and stresses upon imposing the Hindu way of life as well as crafting hegemony of Hinduism in India. It seeks to paint Indian generations with a nationalism drenched in the blood of minorities in the country.

Nationalism has always been defined by geography, commonly understood as right of soil, but Hinduvta has taken a rather different discourse that is seen in their actions where nationalism is solely right to blood.  Hence, anyone not born of Hindu lineage is not an Indian and needs to be expelled from citizenship rights – almost a remake of Nazi Germany, where nationalism was also keenly driven by blood.

The Hinduvta ideology has stressed that Hindus are the ethnic children of this soil. Even though science and history extracted from thousands of years ago point towards the fact that Hinduism was never indigenous in nature. This discourse is negated and rejected by leftist Hindu because it hits a weak spot and most importantly raises questions about what Hindus even stand up for.

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Hinduvta ideology followers: Do they have anything that is purely theirs?

The Indian land, the religion, the values and even the language they speak was never theirs to begin with. If none of it is originally theirs, then what gives them the right to exercise such brutality against other minorities? Or should one assume it is their insecurity that drives them to carry out barbaric acts in hopes of erasing history, genetics and geography.

History, genetics and geography has played a mean game and delivered a lethal blow to Hinduvta ideology of so-called nationalism. Historical findings cannot be kept hidden from the world for too long, it has given a clear insight that Hinduvta-cum-BJP minions do not get to have the upper hand in deciding who are the rightful owners of India.

It is high time that the BJP realise that the radical ideology that had worked so well for them has exceeded its limits and is like a cavity – which when the time comes is an empty hollow shell on a path to further damage, pain and slow decay.

The Hinduvta ideology is eating the nation up like a parasite and building the potential for collapse and when it’s thoroughly done with India, the nation will crumble from the inside. It is not just an issue for Muslims, Sikhs or Christians but an issue for Hindus themselves. This blind extremism is steering Indian society towards its doomsday. The extremism was used against innocent Kashmiris but today, 70 years later, it has spilled right into the heart of India.

The writer is a final year student at National Defence University, a Former Intern at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Part – time Public Speaker and Panelist at various universities. She can be reached at mehroz_ali@live.co.uk. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.