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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Imran Khan: Does Not Hold Any Grudge Against Ailing Nawaz Sharif

PM Khan reacted to Shahbaz Sharif's slander; denied his accusations of not allowing Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad in vengeance and holding a personal grudge against the former premier.

Prime Minister Imran Khan unequivocally asserted that he does not hold any grudge against the former ailing premier Nawaz Sharif in a core committee meeting of PTI held on Friday. He firmly stated his party members that Nawaz’s health is above politics.

He expressed remorse over how PML-N is playing tricks and maneuvering the narrative on Nawaz Sharif’s health in media. Earlier, Chief of PML-N, Shahbaz Sharif, had asserted that he would hold PM Khan accountable if anything happens to his brother, Nawaz Sharif. Opposition leader protested that PM Khan is acting in vengeance to Nawaz Sharif for putting up a restriction of indemnity bond amounting to Rs7 billion for his treatment abroad.

Why shouldn’t Imran Khan surrender on his demand for Surety Bond from Nawaz Sharif?

Imran Khan said that the government has facilitated the PML-N and Sharif family in every way possible on humanitarian grounds. He believes that PML-N must prioritize Nawaz Sharif’s health and avoid bickering on the issue of indemnity bond.


On Wednesday, the interior ministry had put forth the condition of submitting an indemnity bond to the PML-N government for Nawaz Sharif’s name taken down from Exit Control List. PML-N rejected the condition, calling it an act of undermining the dignity of thrice premier of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

PML-N has decided to knock the door of the High Court of Lahore to waiver the condition of indemnity bond. PML-N demands unconditional permission for Nawaz Sharif to travel to the UK for treatment.

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Earlier, Nawaz Sharif was granted temporary bail for eight weeks from Islamabad High Court on health grounds. Unsatisfied with the treatment in Pakistan, PML-N had pressed the state authorities to allow Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for treatment.

Currently, Nawaz Sharif’s health and the resulting fiasco have tightly gripped the Pakistani media. The government and opposition representatives wrangles on the dispute in various prime time news programs. While PML-N members chide the government for displaying vengeance for Nawaz Sharif, the government representative argues that PML-N must focus on Nawaz Sharif’s health and that the mistrust on them led the government to come up with a condition of indemnity bond.