PM Imran Khan praises Islamabad police officer in a viral video

Despite his injuries, a police officer in Islamabad continued to perform his duties. Due to his dedication to his work, PM Khan personally approached the police officer and appreciated him.

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A video of Prime Minister Imran Khan praising Islamabad a traffic police officer went viral on social media on Monday night. PM Imran Khan was seen commending a police officer for performing his duties despite being injured.

According to the details shared by the Prime Minister Office, the cop sustained injuries on June 9th but returned to work on June 11th, after taking an off for two days only. Police officer Qaiser Shakeel had sustained a fracture in the arm after an accident. PM Imran Khan pleased with his dedication towards his work congratulated him and announced a token of appreciation for him.

PM Imran Khan in a brief conversation with police officer Shakeel said that a responsible act by one police officer boosts the image of the entire police force among the public. “Such actions uplift the image of the police when one man decides to serve the people with dedication, and that is why I especially called you to the PM Office,” the premier said as he spoke to Shakeel.

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Later, PMO released a short video of the police officer Shakeel in which he talked about his accident. He said that he was on his routine duty during which he stopped the Suzuki van moving on the wrong side of the home. He stopped the van but a motorbike hit him from behind during which he sustained injuries. He said that if PM Imran Khan can work day and night then he can also work with the same zeal.

The video immediately went viral on social media after which not only the traffic police officer but even PM Imran Khan also garnered praise from netizens. His advocates lauded him for personally reaching out to the police officer and acknowledging his dedication. Social media users said that PM Imran Khan has set a positive precedence for others to follow because every honest public servant deserves appreciation.

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