PM Khan shares incredible images of first winter ski in Deosai

Prime Minister Imran Khan promotes Gilgit-Baltistan by sharing beautiful pictures of the region's first-ever winter ski traverse. The pictures received immense traction on social media.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan shared incredible images of the first-ever winter ski traverse in Gilgit Baltistan on Tuesday. He posted the images on his Twitter account in a bid to promote tourism in the country.

The first-ever winter ski traverse was organized in the majestic Deosai plains of Gilgit Baltistan in February. The event was organized by the tourism department of Gilgit Baltistan to promote the area as the top tourist destination in winters for foreign tourists.

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A team of 11 skiers from Italy had come to Pakistan in collaboration with a non-governmental organization, Ev-K2-CNR. It’s a non-profit organization working on scientific and technical research in mountain areas of Nepal, Pakistan, and China on Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and the Himalayan range.

Pakistan has been working effortlessly to promote tourism in its northern region with PM Imran Khan playing a leading role through his social media platform that has an immense following of 13.5 million followers from all over the world on his Twitter account alone. The tourism potential of Pakistan is expected to reach a far wider audience all over the world.

Imran Khan promoting GB

Time and again he has been sharing beguiling images of the picturesque valleys of Pakistan. In December 2020, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared the beguiling photos of Gilgit Baltistan on his official Instagram and Twitter accounts. He described the northern areas of Pakistan as his most liked tourist destination.

The picture showed the valleys taken over by hues of orange in the autumn season. “The colors of Gilgit Baltistan just before the onset of winter. One of my favorite places on this earth. Before the onset of the winters,” wrote Khan in a tweet.

A few days later, he shared captivating images of Skardu Valley, which is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, on his Twitter account to promote tourism in the region.

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“I have been sent more pictures, this time from around Skardu, after my last tweet with pics from GB,” wrote Khan on his Twitter account. His tweet garnered colossal attention on social media.

The pictures received immense traction on social media. The internet users lauded Khan for proactively supporting the tourism industry in Pakistan.

With the construction of quality roads, tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan has surged in recent years. Experts, however, believe that an exponential rise in tourism in Hunza and other surrounding areas calls for the government’s attention to streamline and manage the impact of the unplanned and haphazard expansion of tourism prompting the rapid rise in the construction of concrete buildings in the valley.

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In the past several years, foreign YouTubers and vloggers have traveled to this part of Pakistan in large numbers, showcasing the beauty of the region to the foreign audience.





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