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Thursday, February 15, 2024

PM Khan advises supporters to stay calm and stand by him

Opposition parties, Khan said, ruled the country for 40 years, ruined Pakistan and now expect PTI to fix the situation in eight months.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan made it clear on Wednesday that he did not gain anything from politics and that his struggle is only for Pakistan. “I had nothing to gain from politics. I had everything a person can have — wealth, fame, respect. I could have spent my life just by commenting on cricket,” he told his supporters while addressing a ceremony held to celebrate the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) 23rd Foundation Day — originally marked last week — at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad. A large number of party supporters, ministers, special assistants to the prime minister, and party leaders attended the event.

PM Khan also clarified that the struggle to achieve something bigger is never easy. One has to face challenges and hardships. “It’s been 23 years since PTI was founded and we need to understand what this struggle was about. The struggle is never a straight journey, there are highs and lows. People get disheartened and leave you, [and] some come back,” he said.

He also noted that the people used to mock and make fun of his political struggle. He was referring to the PPP and PML-N leaders and some media persons who never treated Imran Khan seriously. Khan was termed as ‘politically immature and widely irrelevant’. “People made fun of us, called PTI a ‘tonga party’,” he recalled. “Your party (PTI) is the only party that has struggled. It was not supported by a general, or inherited,” he clarified.

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Lambasting the opponents, PM Khan said, “Opposition parties question if this is the Naya Pakistan. I ask them that they ruined this country for 40 years and you expect me to fix it in eight months?”

PM Khan also promised to transform Pakistan into the state of Madina.

Moreover, the prime minister also met Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi, a staunch supporter of PTI, who has tirelessly worked in making the party successful and winning the last general elections.

PM Khan’s Speech Gives Hope to People

GVS approached Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, a Lahore-based academic and political commentator, for his comments about PM Khan’s speech and overall political struggle. Dr. Ramzan believes that “in Pakistan, there is hardly a political party” since he bases his analysis on a strict definition of the political party in the field of Political Science. “These self-styled political parties are organized interest groups. But Imran Khan is the only person who neither used religion nor generals to find a political party.

PTI is based upon strong ideological tenets and is supported by masses, largely a part of the working class,” he said.  He also added that the speech made by Khan was ‘a reflection of honesty and his clear vision’ which is very important for the youth. “The presence of a leader like Imran Khan in a country like Pakistan where corruption and other malpractices are believed to be an integral part of the system is nothing less than a blessing,” he pointed out.

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G-M Pitafi, a Lahore based academic, also commented on PM Khan’s speech. “His speech can be divided into three portions; a story of his struggle, the challenges his government is facing at the moment and ideological base of PM Khan’s Pakistan,” Mr. Pitafi said.

“Media and opposition parties have successfully inculcated in the minds of people that the government has badly failed to manage the current economic crisis but the speech delivered by Khan has once again given a ray of hope to the people”, Mr. Pitafi added.