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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PM Khan’s friend Navjot Singh Sidhu arrested

As an Opposition leader, Navjot Sidhu has been very critical of the Modi government. Recently, he raised his voice in solidarity with the farmers protesting against the controversial laws in India. However, the police detained Navjot Sidhu.

India, Chandigarh police detains Navjot Sidhu after he held a protest against the death of eight people in Sunday’s farmers’ protest. A car linked to a federal minister ran over two farmers taking part in the protest in Uttar Pradesh against the controversial farm laws. As a result, violence broke out with severe casualties.

In response, Opposition leader Navjot Sidhu led a protest by Congress workers outside the residence of the Punjab Governor in Chandigarh. He raised slogans against the government over the new farm laws.

Navjot Sidhu also demanded the arrest of the minister for allegedly running a car over the protesting farmers. Therefore, Chandigarh police detained Sidhu and other Congress workers.

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As an Opposition leader, Navjot Sidhu has been very critical of the Modi government. He frequently labels Modi as the “biggest liar” and accuses him of serving the elite only.

Moreover, Navjot Sidhu often lands in hot waters in India for his statements favoring peaceful relations with Pakistan.

While speaking on the Pulwama attack in 2019, Sidhu seems to have defended the people of Pakistan. He said that a few individuals could not be held responsible for the entire nation.

“For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation, and can you blame an individual?” he said while expressing his opinion.

After that, Indian Twitter flooded with calls of Boycotting Sidhu as Indians called him a traitor. Criticism for Sidhu further racked up when he attended the swearing-in ceremony of PM Khan.

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Navjot Sidhu’s friendly ties with PM Khan

Sidhu’s praises for PM Khan do not sit well with Indians. After the Kartarpur initiative by Pakistan, Navjot Sidhu immensely appreciated PM Khan for making things easier for the Sikh community.

Sidhu not only heaped praise but he also credited PM Khan for single-handedly opening the Sikh pilgrimage route.

Since then, Navjot Sidhu and PM Khan share a special bond. Moreover, a heartwarming video of PM Khan asking for the whereabouts of Sidhu also went viral.

In the video PM Khan while in the shuttle, asked for Sidhu, saying, “Achcha hamaara woh Sidhu kidhar hai? Main keh raha hoon hamaara Sidhu.” The video garnered appreciation on social media.

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