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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PM Khan’s UNGA speech: Anticipations for UNGA address similar to 1992 World Cup

PM Khan will be the focus tonight as millions of people are anticipated to tune in to his maiden speech at UNGA, PM Khan even landed in the most searched leaders of UNGA.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is on a streak of impassioned diplomatic engagements at the sidelines of 74th United Nations General Assembly session, is exhilarated for his maiden formal speech at the United Nations scheduled on Friday 27th September.

The nation desperately awaits the premier’s address, which is scheduled right next after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Imran Khan has set an unprecedented instance of aggressively conducting diplomacy at the highest public office.

Premier Khan is equally optimistic for UNGA speech, asserted that he can sense immeasurable anticipation for his address among the people. Set to take the center stage, Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted the excitement is soaring high, a replay of his 1992 World Cup triumph.

“In my 22, 23 years of politics, I have never seen anticipation for anything like [there is for] my speech tomorrow in the United Nations General Assembly,” he said, adding: “The closest feeling I’ve had in the past was before the World Cup cricket final I played a long time ago.”

Google Analytics trend declared him the UNGA’s second most searched leader after President Donald Trump.

Premier has reiterated that his UNGA speech will primarily focus on the Kashmir issue, India’s breach of UN resolutions on Kashmir will take an unabated onslaught on the continuous human rights violation by Modi-led government in IOK.

Prime Minister Imran Khan before embarking on the visit, remarked that his visit to the UN is dedicated to Kashmir’s cause, where he will avail every opportunity to apprise the world with the atrocities of tyrant Indian forces in the valley.

Before his appearance at the UNGA, he addressed a large audience at Asia Society, describing it as a practice match for his UNGA speech. In his speech at Asia Society, PM Khan reiterated his dream of steering Pakistan towards a welfare state, replicating the principals of Medina’s society, set by Holy Prophet PBUH.

“Not many Muslims also understand that the state of Medina was a modern state,” adding that the core characteristic of the Medina’s society was to safeguard the rights of indigents, impoverished and poor. Also providing equal rights to minorities. Pakistan is the exact opposite of this model, asserted PM Khan.

“We became exactly the opposite, a society where the powerful had one law and the weak were out of the law, most of the people don’t have access to justice.”

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“The cornerstone of society is rule of law, so therefore I call my movement, the movement for justice,” he said, adding: “And I believe that rule of law is the fundamental thing which differentiates a civilized society from one which is not civilised.


Yesterday, Google Analytics trend declared him the UNGA’s second most searched leader after President Donald Trump. The latest stats suggest, a large number of people will tune in tonight to hear PM Khan at the UNGA.

An opinionated article published in the UK’s prestigious publication ‘Independent’ appreciated PM Khan’s struggle to overhaul its dampened stature in international politics. The analytical piece asserted that Imran Khan is trying to implement a wholesale reform that will propel the country towards an inclusive political and economic system.

“The speed of reform is slow and bumpy, and the slew benefits won’t rain down immediately, but crucially the direction seems to be rights”

Nerves are high as social media goes into a frenzy ahead of Premier Khan’s UNGA speech, with trends PMIKWORLDLEADER massively trending. Preparations are underway throughout Pakistan, with a big screen set in Karachi for a live broadcast of PM Khan’s UNGA address.