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Thursday, June 6, 2024

PM Shehbaz shocked at world leaders labeling Imran Khan “rude, liar and narcissist”

Not holding back, Shehbaz Sharif also accused Imran Khan of damaging Islamabad's relations “with the United States for no rhyme or reason”. 

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif claimed that multiple world leaders told him that former Prime Minister Imran Khan was “rude”, and “told lies”. They also allegedly called him a “narcissist”.

According to the details, Shehbaz Sharif made the revelations in his first interview with The Guardian since he took over as prime minister in April. While talking about his efforts to rebuild relations with Pakistan’s foreign allies when he was in New York for the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Shehbaz Sharif said world leaders had personally objected to PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s conduct. He was shocked at their criticism.

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“Some leaders told me in person about his personality. They told me he was rude, he told lies and he is a ‘narcissist’, quote unquote,” the PM told the publication without naming any world leaders.

Shehbaz Sharif accuses Imran Khan of damaging Pak-US relations

Not holding back, Shehbaz Sharif also accused Imran Khan of damaging Islamabad’s relations “with the United States for no rhyme or reason”.

Pertinent to mention that Imran Khan had time and again accused the US of hatching a conspiracy that eventually led to his ouster. Imran Khan maintains that since he refused to appease the US and said “Absolutely Not” a conspiracy was hatched against him. On the other hand, the US has rejected Imran Khan’s claims.

Shehbaz Sharif also accused the former premier Imran Khan of being “the biggest liar on the face of the earth” and injecting poison into society to “dangerously polarise the electorate” after he was toppled from power earlier this year.

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He also alleged that the PTI chairman managed the country’s affairs in a way that benefitted his “own personal agenda” and “in a manner which can be only described as the most inexperienced, self-centred, egotistical [and] immature politician in the history of this country”.