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Friday, September 22, 2023

PML-N candidate suspected of selling Mosque property in Jhang

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The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) backed candidate of PP-25 constituency, Iftikhar Baslana has allegedly sold a piece of land reserved for Mosque along with costly materials owned by the mosque. An allegation that may potentially empty his vote bank.

The sources stated, that Shahzad Sial, a cousin of Iftikhar Baslana is serving DIG in Punjab Police and other close relatives of Iftikhar have allegedly grabbed millions of rupees through corrupt practices in Jhang and Sargodha districts.

Corruption thrives on power networks backing each other, the stronger the individuals in the network, the more likely people can get away with corruption. Politicians with strong links in beurocracy effectively neutralize the effect of executive check and balance and are able to use executive machinery to their advantage.

Sources stated that they were looting poor people through blackmailing under the cover of DIG, Shahzad. The opponent candidates have leveled allegations on Iftikhar Baslana that he has been involved in financial corruption of millions of rupees as Chairman Committee Mandi Shah Juna.

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He also sold out a plot that was allotted for Mosque for his personal gain, not even leaving the construction material that had been bought for the construction of the mosque. Such an allegation is likely to anger any Muslim voter. Furthermore, ex MPA Iftikhar Baloch has declared Iftikhar Baslana, a corrupt and dishonest individual, repeatedly. Iftikhar Baslana was also leading the alleged group of “administration touts” under the leadership of Abida Hussain.

This crackdown in Jhang corruption landscape comes days before elections when parties are looking for dirt on rival party candidates. In many ways, election time becomes a time for increased scrutiny. Aspiring and existing public figures must submit to transparency, if they want the votes from an increasingly aware public. When Iftikhar Baslana was contacted, for his viewpoint on the allegations leveled against him, he remained unavailable.