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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Police arrests Usman Mirza for sexually harassing a couple

Usman Mirza, a businessman who runs a car showroom in Islamabad, has been arrested for sexually harassing a boy and a girl. As per reports, he even raped the girl and filmed her videos.

Islamabad Police has confirmed the arrest of Usman Mirza, a man caught harassing a boy and a girl in a viral video. The horrific videos of Usman Mirza intimidating the girl and boy have shaken up the Twitter users who are demanding stricter punishments for Usman Mirza and his other accomplices in the video.

Police say the videos are few months old. According to the reports, Usman Mirza is a businessman who runs a car showroom in Islamabad. After recording their videos, Usman Mirza, allegedly blackmailed the couple and took money from the boy. The report says, he even raped the girl as well.

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The disturbing video has gripped the people in extreme fear and shock. Once again, the debate around the safety of women has been stirred. The viral video shows he beat and physically tortured the couple. Usman Mirza also allegedly stripped the girl.

#ArrestUsmanMirza has been trending atop on Twitter. Social media users say that only arrest is not enough. The law enforcement agencies need to ensure he is not released, and is taken to justice.

Another video of Usman Mirza went viral on social media, in which he was talking about this possible arrest. Keeping up his indifferent attitude, he said he would not be in contact for 15-20 days since he would be in jail. But he will soon release another video following his release. He added that some ‘weak’ people have filed a complaint against him.


Journalists and politicians have also spoken up on the issue and have been giving their two cents. PML-N’s Attaullah Tarar believes that glorifying the villains and negative characters in Bollywood movies have conditioned such people to think intimidation of powerless people as heroic.

“The last decade or so has seen villains being glorified, by Bollywood, Lollywood, or soap operas. Good-natured, well-behaved and courteous people are no longer ‘cool’. The result is Mirza Usman walking around like Sanjay Dutt, tormenting ppl. Other reasons too but this is a big one,” said Tarrar in a tweet.

Naz Baloch from PPP not only wants Usman Mirza to be punished but all the other people as well. “Instant justice and speedy trial of heinous offense is the only solution to root out violence against women. #ArrestUsmanMirza & all those who shamelessly witnessed the crime” wrote Naz Baloch. She also urged people not to share the videos and pictures of the victims.

Islamabad Police confirmed his arrest in a Twitter message. As per the latest developments, two more people in the video have been arrested by Islamabad Police.