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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Political parties stand committed over Kashmir, Palestine, and CPEC, says Mushahid Hussain

As Indian aggression remains unabated, the woes of Kashmiris in the IIJOK manifold. All political parties are unanimous on Kashmiri's plight and the miseries faced by Muslim states and urge the world community to take notice.  

Despite having differences in political agendas and standpoints, all political parties have expressed their solidarity towards the Kashmir Issue, CPEC’s timely progression, and Pakistan nuclear program, comments PML-N central leader, Senator Mushahid Hussain.

He made this comment while addressing the special meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir in Islamabad on Sunday which was conducted to brief the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) delegation belonging to the Organization of Islamic Council (OIC).

Kashmiri oppression manifold under Indian relentless aggression

The Senator comments that the New York Times had reported that 50,000 people have become jobless and around USD five billion were lost as a result of Indian oppression and the revocation of Article 350 and 35A of the Indian constitution since August 5, 2019.

Thus, he appeals that the OIC which is the apt platform for the representation of the Muslim Ummah should employ a third country to help raise the Kashmiri plight at the International Court of Justice. He takes a leaf from the instance of the Rohingya Genocide where Zambia took the case to the ICJ.

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Moreover, Shehryar Khan Afridi, the Chairperson of the Kashmir Committee commended the OIC-IPHRC nexus to assist immediately to alleviate the woes of Kashmiri people in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) who are facing the brunt of Indian aggression for two years.

Senator Mushahid Hussain also raised the same point during Ikram Sehgal’s A Personal Chronicle of Pakistan book launch at Marriot Hotel Islamabad on 5th August by referring to Ikram Sehgal’s article written on 17th July 2020, “Kashmiri lives matter”. He claims that collective voices in support of Kashmir must reach the international community with great emphasis before the Indian genocide reach new and alarming levels.

Palestine and Kashmir plights have similar facets

The Kashmir Chairperson Shehryar Afridi highlighted the inefficacy of the United Nations in curtailing Indian aggression and its flagrant violation of human rights in Kashmir. He claims that the UN has failed to deter Indian in its ruthless endeavors and claims that humanity is bleeding in both Kashmir and Palestine while the world stands as a silent spectator.

Both Kashmir and Palestine have many similarities in their oppression stemming from land garb, demographic change, politico-religious narrative, and human rights violation.

The scrapping of Kashmir’s special status on August 5, 2019, has led to a demographic transformation and is a blatant attempt to convert a majority into a minority. For two years, 4.1 million new domiciles have been issued which validate the nefarious designs of the Modi regime as an influx of non-Kashmiris mercilessly trample on Kashmiris’ right to live.

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As Kashmiris in the IIOJK suffer miserably under the lockdown imposed by the Indian government, their woes multiply in the wake of the inaccessibility of medical facilities amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Afridi comments that Kashmiris are even denied freedom of speech and expression which is an inalienable right in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Convention 1948. India is violating this right with impunity by throwing Kashmiris behind bars if they write anything on digital media under the notorious Unlawful Activities Prevention Act laws.

Pakistan efforts should be acknowledged in letter and spirit

The Senator claimed that all political parties took part in the recently held elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The talent of Kashmiri youth was demonstrated with the help of the Kashmir Premier League. Thus, the motive was not to win Kashmir but to showcase the unity and solidarity on Kashmiri suffering and humanitarian crisis which require unwavering support from the UN and the OIC.

He reminds that Pakistan has worked untiringly to excavate the menace of terrorism from its borders and in the quest has suffered greatly. It had made tremendous sacrifices with blood, lives, and money which the world has acknowledged.

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Thus, the international community needs to value these sacrifices and perceive its stand for Kashmir under the light of protector of human rights and not as an instigator of violence and terrorism in Kashmir.

It’s time that India’s misadventures in the region in the wake of its border disputes with China, Bhutan, and Nepal should be seen in the light of terrorism and violence. Indian obstinate and non-cooperation towards allowing the visit of the delegation by IPHRC to Jammu and Kashmir should be taken notice of, claims Dr. Hacu Alo Aeikgul, a prominent member of IPHRC.