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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Why Israel is able to suppress Palestine

Israel's military sophistication may serve as an advantage in its terrorism against Palestine, however, its the silence of Muslim leadership which is making Palestinians suffer.

The ongoing terrorism by Israel is not hidden anymore, the world is watching it and anyone with humanity in their heart is supporting the innocent people of Palestine. The common term we’re hearing by many western leaders and media is ‘Israel has the right to defend’.

Question is, who are they defending themselves against? Against unarmed kids and women? Against a man who wants to do best for his family? Palestine has no army to protect their land and they are living under a constant threat of war and bombing. Are they less human?

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Maybe the west gives more importance to animal rights than the humans of Palestine. Israel’s attack on Palestine has exposed the so-called Western Liberalism. They are quick to attack small countries on mere one incident but did not even utter a word on Israel’s barbaric attack on innocent people of Gaza.

Media’s game

Let’s be honest, this is a war of narrative and we are failing in it. Israel today is getting away with its barbaric attack on Palestine because they have been able to create a narrative and hold strong positions in international lobbies.

They have representatives and stakes in major media agencies, banks, and even funds election in many countries; they have even forced many Muslim countries to accept Israel and some are desperate to accept Israel (just waiting for the right time).

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USA, UN, torchbearers of human rights are in their pocket. They are in a position to put any country under sanctions and control them by putting pressure through banks. Media builds the narrative, and the so-called Muslim Ummah has failed to stand firm in any of these narrative games.

We have always focused on short-term achievements and survival. Not even a single good editorial on international media platforms can help to raise the voice of Palestinian people; on top of that, we are witnessing censorship on social media.

Isn’t the west the biggest voice for media freedom? Well, things change when it comes to Israel. I don’t remember an incident where a news channel got bombed by a country and it was televised live on TV. Al-Jazeera office was bombed live by Israel, and guess how many people came forward to protect media that was showing the side of Palestinian people? Not even one.

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Western media reporting on Palestine is full of double standards. They always start mentioning the issue from where the people of Palestine reacted. They will give an analysis of how Palestinian people replied back to Israel but will skip the part about how Israel attacked worshipers on the Last day of Ramadan and continued their attacks afterward.

That’s how they’ve built this narrative and made barbaric Israel look like an innocent child. Whether you switch on CNN or any TV channel, the first question they will ask the analyst defending the rights of Palestinian people is ‘do you condemn Hamas attack on Israel’? They are making the bully look like the victim.

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Failure of leadership

It’s not that anyone expects anything good from western leadership but their role in this crisis situation has been utterly disappointing. If you can’t help innocent people then at least don’t take sides. American leadership openly supported Israel and its right to defend itself against kids with stones.

Western leadership always turns a blind eye to facts, are they not aware of how much land was under Palestine in 1946 vs. now? Before making a bully look innocent, western leaders should see how many Palestinians have lost their lives in this war as compared to Israel.

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The pressure which was started by Former US President Donald Trump on Muslim countries to accept Israel is the reason many Muslim countries who accepted Israel haven’t given any statement and those who are in line to accept Israel are also quite on this terrorism.

Let’s get this on record; there is no Muslim Ummah that exists. There is no unity to defend Muslims, if it’s up to the west, they will treat Muslims worse than animals. Humans of Muslim countries are suffering because we are too busy surrounding ourselves with greed, money, and power, then calling it development. What’s the point of having these things under your command and yet your people are suffering?

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Israel is one small country and it’s been doing all these barbaric acts ever since its inception and we have never seen any country taking a stand against them. It’s not Israel’s power that allows it to suppress and attack Palestine; it’s the silence of Muslim leaders around the world that is making Palestinians suffer.

All Muslim countries combined so far have not been able to declare Israel a terrorist nation, let alone a narrative building or strong statement of a joint army to protect Palestine.

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We are not understanding the reasons for our suffering. If we continue to be like this, we will not reach anywhere. It won’t be hard to say that Muslim leadership in this world has failed the people of Palestine.

Fahad Qureshi is an MPhil scholar, analyst, and journalist. He has expertise in national and international politics. The writer can be reached at thefahadqureshi@gmail.com.The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy.