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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pakistani influencer Zaid Ali, “No need to justify buying things for loved ones”

The post came on the occasion after the vlogger gifted his wife Yuman a brand new car as a token of love.

Popular vlogger Zaid Ali says relationships should not be built around materialistic things on Saturday. Ali appeared with new relationship advice in his latest social media post. The post came on the occasion after the vlogger gifted his wife Yuman a brand new car as a token of love.

Ali had posted his image with his wife sitting on the new car. “Today is not our anniversary. Today is not Yumnahs birthday, today is nothing special but I decided to buy Yumnah a new car,” said the vlogger in his post.



He added, “Sometimes I feel that we shouldn’t need to justify why we buy something for the people we love. We should spoil and love them just as much on normal days as we do on special days. That’s what makes a relationship strong. Enjoy your new car, Jani!”

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A Twitter user commented on his post and said: “Zaid Ali gifted his girl a lovely car or tum logon se aik iPhone tak nai dilaya jata (and you can’t even get one iPhone).”

The vlogger turned up to reply to the comment of the Twitter follower and said: “She’s not my girl, she’s my wife. She’s been there through my struggles and hardships in life. Don’t build your relationship based on materialistic things because it won’t last.”


Earlier this month, the popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer said that there was nothing wrong with early marriages. He made the remarks in a social media post.

The social media celebrity had posted pictures with his wife, Yumna, on Instagram. The couple could be seen dressed up for an event. Ali is dressed up in a blue suit, while Yumna is wearing an embroidered white saree.

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“A lot of people are scared to get married young. They feel that they won’t be able to financially afford it, but what they tend to forget is that a woman brings her rizq (income) into your life. There is no greater baraqat (blessing) than that. I have witnessed this myself. Allah (SWT) will always bless you with what’s in your naseeb (fate),” he said.



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