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Zaid Ali took Reham Khan to cleaners for calling Imran Khan a ‘drug addict’

Zaid Ali
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An intense exchange of tweets happened between Pakistani comedian Zaid Ali and Reham Khan on Twitter. Both had a spat over the controversial book of Reham Khan.

Reham Khan is the former second wife of Imran Khan. She was subjected to criticism for her controversial book in which she claims to have penned down the bizarre revelations and ordeal she faced during her stay in Bani Gala, at Imran Khan’s residence.

Reham Khan leveled serious allegations against Imran Khan in the book. She called Imran Khan a drug addict and raised questions over his immoral relations with the female members of Tehreek-I-Insaf.

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The comedian Zaid Ali took a dig at Reham Khan in his tweet. He wrote that he prays not to have any woman like Reham Khan in his life. “The only dua that I make before going to sleep is that I never end up with an ex like Reham Khan,” read his tweet.

Reham Khan did not shy away and responded to the tweet of Zaid Ali. She replied, “My sincere dua is that you never have to live with a drug abuser & a cheat. I did & covered up until I found out he was cheating those who had voted him. Pakistan comes first.”

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The heated argument, however, did not end here and Zaid Ali gave a befitting response to the journalist Reham Khan. He wrote: “You claim that Imran Khan takes drugs.. but it seems like un drugs ka asar ap pe ho Raha hai.”

Zaid Ali is not the only celebrity who has vehemently defended his leader Imran Khan on social media. Previously Hamza Ali Abbasi took to cleaners Reham Khan for her book. Hamza Ali Abbasi initiated a pre-emptive strike to discredit the book of Reham Khan even before its release.

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  1. Reham khan is telling truth and facts.
    اس بدکردار نیازی ک کرتوتوں پر ان ک دیوانے کیوں سیخ پا ھو رھے ھیں ۔

      • گلالئی کو بہن بنانے والے پٹواری ، عن قریب تم نے ریحام خان کو بھی ویسے ہی گالیاں دینی ہیں جیسے گلالئی کو دے چکے ہو –

    • شیر کے چمچے فکر نہ کرو. بہت جلد ریحام ایک اور کتاب لکھے گی .جس کا عنوان ہوگا ایک بے غیرت باپ جس نے کرسی کی خاطر اپنی بیٹی کو قطریوں کے بیڈروم کی زینت بنا دیا.

    • You people are so lame. Have you read any book about N. Sharif’s life? If you believe a book on IK you should also believe what’s written about NS and trust me you will be ashamed of yourself after you read about him (and still support him). You people are blind to see the truth, why do you think all this is happening about IK? Everyone knows this man is sincere about his country that’s why they are trying to bring him down in every way possible to make all of you slaves forever. Instead of commenting on someone, think about country’s future and come out of slavery. If you can’t change your mind no one can save you from misery.

  2. Zaid you are a pen chod.
    Imran ka khaba tuttah.

    Why are you trolling a lady.
    Have some shame. Kafir means concealer of the truth.
    Aap kafir jasee bate mutt karo zaid.
    Allah both bare heh.

    • Lady? If your wife writes a book on you and tries hard to make you seem immoral – would you call her a lady? A lady never stoops that low!

      • How sad. You sound like a conditioned caged slave. A woman has written about the drug habits of her ex. She has dared to be truthful. I have read the entire book and I too am a great fan of the cricketer Imran Khan. He is a good man but does have serious frailities. He needs to rdhabilitate himself and get off drugs. Thats all.

    • Allah ka zikr aur Gali aik he comment me…. wah wah kya baat hai app ke…!!! Thori se sherum kero aur agay se soch kr baat kero aur likho. JizakAllah

  3. Rehan khan did a good job because no one can do it as being a wife of a drug addict imran is a drug addict if you don’t believe reham khan then go for Imran face structure he is ruining himself day by day not only that but he is also ruining us as being a Pakistani,as we know Imran was a cricketer as well as Wasim Akram but you can see imran face it’s deteriorating as there are two reasons behind that first Imran is a drug addict and another he is a gay too, that’s true thats a reason that a former cricketer is down. With his face and Wasim Akram is not reason is the two things,Imran is a traitor and you all will see but it is our problem that we can’t get in it due to reham khan Imran is very careful in front of new and a 3 rd wife because he don’t want to repeat this again and listen you Imran lover’s that he is a dick head he can dodge many but couldn’t dodge any ,as u all will see it soon ,wait and watch ,why not Wasim Akram face detoriates because he is not a drug addict and nor a gay , reham khan is a wonderful and abrave women,is mei koi shak Nahi and some said book on nawaz and Mariam as holes why she is going to write it she is not in Fucking politics ham Pakistani awam hair humi samaj tab ATI hair jab Kuch Baki he Nahi hota

    • check out the diference in their health and strugle and stres levels…both spending totaly difert life styles..wasim must taking mre than 10hour slep and imran seems to be in less rest…i cant blieve Reham s book says that sharif khandaan is realy sharif ..are you people are out of your mind

    • What kind of facial features do you expect from a 65 old man? Polticians at top, age fast. I have watched Presidents and Prime Minsters Rosevelt, Truman, Eisonhover Bush Clinton and Obama, PM Chuchill MacMillan Wilson and Toney Blair Nawaz and Zardari….all looked 10 years older in 4 years.

    • A typical reaction of a jilted wife.The book is written by a paid ghost writer not by this woman. Seldom during 60 years of Hollywood or Bollywood history and hundreds of divorces the saperated couple has maligned the spouse in such slut like language..Only Khar’ s wife Tehmina had let out bile at her ex. ‘ My Feudal Lord’ But the language never crossed the line of modesty expected from a lady. No Bed Room scene ever exposed by even the lowest of a woman

    • Well said Mian sahib.
      How do we blame people on just hearsay.
      May God Take care of tjose who blame others without seeing things.
      No wonder why we Muslims r Sinking and Sinking .
      Back biting .hypocracies and concocting stories

  4. You all commentators are sane ( Chutiya) what do you expect from a girl or lady who lived like a prostitute( Randy), could anyone and especially any woman believe that a women can openly shared her wedding night story ( suhag raat). Not in this part of the world. All you people are lazy and coward your all activities are at social media. You are so lazy that you can’t even help your mothers or sisters in their daily chores. GUFTAR K GHAZI MT BNO, BULKY KIRDAR K GHAZI BNO. Get out of your homes ( mouse holes=as all of you are busy in your bed ,wasting health money on chatting.) Be practical and help with your utmost energy and presence to whom you believe is better for our country and our nation.

  5. Respected Readers, what makes her lier is that her own talkings. If she came to know that Imran is addicted to drugs and a sex maniac, should have left him earlier . Instead ,she was expected a gift from Imran on her first wedding anniversary. you can c her interviews after brake up. Remember, Imran expelled her nor Rehaam get khula.

  6. Ex wife reham khan is randy, Sharif family purchased and used against IMRAN khan, Sharif family is black mailer, their first victim was benazir , they were used nude and fake photos benazir.

    • Boss overactiving finish up u .I tell u real story .buto ka saraki govea st abiad ka sala tha.. He tell me ka Pakistan leaders shown a nabi .if we kill all that leaders and then safe Pakistan .imran is u r. Nabi .my nabi only Mohai watch imran khan in 19973 .when govt listed VIP..sorry u r rong .cid police diary ap ko SSP office rec as mill ge.is hamam ma sab nag hi.

  7. A drug addicted person never talks sense, whereas IKs speeches are full of wisdom. It is the world’s media which is praising would be prime minister of Pakistan. Have some shame, you bufoones and stop penning down stupid remarks about the great leader.


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