PPP’s Shehla Raza sneak in as team manager of Pakistan’s girl hockey team

The team is traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for the Women Indoor Hockey Asia Cup.

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According to the details, Pakistan People’s Party Provincial Minister for Women’s Development Shehla Raza included herself as the team manager of Pakistan’s women’s hockey team traveling to Bangkok. The team is traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for the Women Indoor Hockey Asia Cup.

Reports state that Shehla Raza has got influence and deep connections within the Pakistan Hockey Federation that also got her preferred people important posts in the federation.

She apparently arranged hockey for the female participants. Reports emerged that the players had been practicing for five days without hockey. Shehla Raza arranged hockey for the players. She met the players and distributed hockey among them. The event will take place between August 8th and August 15th. It took five days for the official to arrange hockey for them.

Pakistan’s women’s hockey team has not played an indoor match even and will be playing its first indoor match in Bangkok.

Pakistan’s hockey is in bad shape partially due to the incompetence of the officials and corruption. Once at the top, Pakistan hockey is now lingering at the 18th spot on the list of international hockey teams. Much of the downfall can be attributed to the lack of focus and the insufficient fund provided for the training of players and the development of sports infrastructure. This is also marred, as mentioned, by corruption and irregularities.

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In one of the most depressing developments, Pakistan Men’s Hockey Team failed to qualify for the Hockey World Cup. Pakistan’s hockey team head coach Siegfried Aikman said that lack of money is ruining Pakistan’s hockey.

“We have no money for upliftment. When I first came to Pakistan, I felt like I have come to the stone age,” said Aikman.

“Players didn’t get money for months. I didn’t receive even my first salary. Our players come from the lower level, if there is no money, how players will prepare for international competitions,” the head coach raised concerns.

“I have been signed by PHF for a long-term. I can’t think of leaving my job at this moment. I want to work for talented players and groom them for the betterment of Pakistan’s hockey,” he added.

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