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Thursday, May 23, 2024

President Trump shared his morphed image of ‘Rocky Balboa’ on Twitter

President Donald Trump posted his morphed image on Twitter, leaving social media users in a burst of embarrassing laughter. Trump is popular for posting hilarious stuff on his Twitter account that often leaves people confused.

The USA President Donald Trump recently uploaded his hilarious picture that burst followers in laughter on Twitter. Sylvester Stallone’s body in 1985’s Rocky IV poster image was morphed with Donald Trump’s face showing Donald Trump as the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.

The real image was a promo for 1982’s Rocky III, but many people compared it to 1985’s Rocky IV, in which Stallone, as an American boxer, takes on the Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago.

Donald Trump’s tweet left people confused on social media as users could not ascertain the intent behind his picture. They, however, amplified humor by posting other memes and comical stuff his tweet.

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The release of the photo coincided with the 34th anniversary of the release of Rocky IV. While others may have failed to understand the context of the photo, CBS’s digital reporter Grace Segers joint the point that the fictional image is the product of his comments at a rally previous in which President Trump said his doctors have said him that: ‘Show us that gorgeous chest.’

However, social media gave a multitude of outlook to his photo. A few declared his photo perfect for ‘expectation v/s reality memes’. They asked if a healthy Donald Trump, weighing 243 lbs., born into an uber-rich family who takes McDonald’s in the breakfast can be compared to a self-made man, who was born in poverty and rose up against odds with washboard abs and a fit body.

On the other hand, jokes on Russia poured in on Twitter with people taking a dig at President Trump and 1985’s Rocky IV. They mocked that at least Balboa stood up and defeated unbeaten Russian boxer in the movie, unlike Donald Trump who is handing over victories to Russia.

Meanwhile, an avid user of Twitter, Donald Trump is habitual of posting hilarious, eye-popping stuff that often makes social media users jump on the couch.