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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PTI demands probe into Bushra Bibi’s ‘leaked’ audio clip

PTI leader claims "the neutrals were carrying out such leaks to hide the conspiracy."

PTI leaders Shireen Mazari and Fawad Chaudhry have demanded a forensic test of party chairman Imran Khan’s wife’s purported video clip to prove whether “it was fake or real.”

In an audio clip of Bushra Bibi that emerged on social media Saturday, she allegedly directed the Digital Media Focal Person to PTI Chairman Dr Arsalan Khalid to spread the “narrative of treason” against the opponents.

During a media talk on Monday, the previous rights minister Mazari said, “the entire conversation has been cut and pasted,” to which netizens said she has hinted at the clip being ‘real.’

“One wonders how much did the US help in tapping the phones,” she said.

She said, “according to the Supreme Court decision, phone tapping is illegal,” but the sensitive agencies still tap phones.

“I ask why this series of illegal phone tapping continues despite Supreme Court orders as the secure line of Imran Khan’s house was tapped. The Supreme Court should take a suo motu notice as to which agencies are, despite court orders, taking illegal steps and violating the apex court order,” she remarked.

She claimed that according to a newspaper report, the ISI had accepted that 60,000 mobile phones were tapped monthly.

“Phone tapping is illegal, and only intelligence agencies can do it because they have the means and the technical ability.”

The party leaders also urged the Supreme Court (SC) to take a suo motu notice of tapping former premier Imran Khan’s phone.

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Mazari claimed that “the neutrals were carrying out such leaks to hide the conspiracy,” which led to Imran government’s ouster.

“The neutrals believed they could target the families of PTI leaders because they could not find anything against Imran,” she claimed.

“Look at the timing. They are scared of our rallies and are diverting the nation’s attention from load shedding. Plus, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has given them a condition to reframe their laws on accountability. So they have no place to run.”

She also warned the Sharifs against using their “deep contacts in India to create trouble on the border to make the nation forget about this conspiracy.”

Regarding Ansar Abbasi’s claim that Imran Khan’s call with his principal secretary Azam Khan will be leaked, Mazari said if such audio is leaked, it will violate the Official Secrets Act, and PTI will not sit quietly then.