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Sunday, May 19, 2024

PTI leaders abuse MNAs for betraying PM Khan

Many PTI leaders criticized the "turncoats" and questioned their "conscience". However, some PTI leaders went a step further and used profanity for dissident lawmakers.

In a major development, many PTI MNAs have come out in open revolt against PM Imran Khan. As a result, tempers are flaring among PTI ministers as they lash out at the MNAs for turning their backs on PM Khan.

Many PTI leaders criticized the “turncoats” and questioned their “conscience”. However, some PTI leaders went a step further and used profanity for dissident lawmakers.

SAPM Dr. Shahbaz Gill, in a live TV show, hurled abuses at his own party member representing minorities, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, and called him a political pimp. Videos of the outburst are going viral on Twitter.

Pertinent to mention, Dr. Ramesh Kumar earlier announced that he had cut ties with the PTI party. Talking to the media, he also claimed that,”three PTI federal ministers have quit PTI.”

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During the talk show, Dr. Shahbaz Gill first took a moral stance stating Dr. Ramesh Kumar should have resigned from the party first if he had any objections to PM Khan. However, when Dr. Ramesh Kumar interjected, the SAPM lost his anger let out a stream of profanities that had to be censored.


Similarly, in another TV show, PTI MNA PTI’s MNA and Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce Industries and Production Aalia Hamza said a prostitute is better than these politicians (who are taking on the prime minister), adding pimps are sitting in Sindh House which has turned into a brothel house.

On the other hand, Punjab Education Minister Dr. Murad Raas too said the Sindh House has turned into a Political Brothel. He also called PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari “head pimp”.

“Political prostitutes are running in and out of this brothel. Head pimp – Asif Ali Bemaree,” the minister tweeted.


Horse-trading at Sindh House?

Needless to say, the use of such words has amassed criticism for the SAPM. Netizens claim that such abuses should not be used, that too on live TV and from members of the government.

Thursday, dozens of PTI MNAs were found staying at the Sindh House located in red zone of the federal capital. Recently, Islamabad’s political heat has increased amid the no-trust move, and the Sindh House has become controversial.

In short, PTI MNAs’ decision to stay at the Sindh House gives a clear indication of their tilt towards the Opposition. Furthermore, PM Khan labeled the Sindh House as the Opposition’s center for horse-trading with ‘bags full of cash’.

In February, Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry had revealed that the Opposition offered bribes to three PTI MNAs for supporting the no-trust plan.

Meanwhile, the MNAs resolutely maintain that they stayed at the Sindh House as a “precautionary measure”. Additionally, they rejected claims of taking any bribes and said they will cast their votes based on their conscience.

“No one has given us any money. God willing, we will give our vote based on our conscience. We are not afraid of anyone. We are here only as a precautionary measure,” said disgruntled PTI MNA and Jahangir Tareen group leader Raja Riaz.

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