PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat resigns from National Assembly seat

Amir Liaquat resigns as PTI MNA. He did not tell the reason for his resignation. It is, however, not the first time the PTI leader has announced his resignation. He earlier resigned from his seat in July last year over his failure to help the people of Karachi.

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Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf MNA, Aamir Liaquat, resigns yet again from the seat of National Assembly on Sunday. The party member announced his resignation on Sunday.

“Have sent my resignation as a member of the National Assembly,” tweeted Aamir Liaquat. “May Allah help and support Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI. Allah hafiz.”

The MNA did not tell the reason for his resignation this time. It is, however, not the first time the PTI leader has announced his resignation. He earlier resigned from his seat in July last year.

“I confess that I am a helpless MNA of Karachi. I am unable to provide electricity to the people of my city. I cannot see the people of my city suffer. I will ask the prime minister for time and submit my resignation,” the former MQM member had said last year. Social media users are guessing the reason why Aamir Liaquat resigns from the National Assembly seat often.

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He, however, rescinded his resignation after having a long meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“After a long meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan my four-page resignation was rejected. I opened my heart told the prime minister everything. The prime minister hailed my efforts for raising my voice for Karachi’s issues and said thinking about the public was the role of an elected leader,” he had said on Twitter.

Amir Liaquat upset over a dinner party?

In 2018, a month after the general election, reports had emerged of differences between Hussain and the PTI after he had expressed anger with the party over failure to invite him to a dinner hosted at the Governor’s House.

According to reports, Liaquat had left a WhatsApp group comprising PTI Sindh’s leaders over the issue.

Before leaving the WhatsApp group, Liaquat had sent a voice note in which he expressed anger towards Secretary Information Shehzada Qureshi calling on him to bring a positive change.

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“You will not get the opportunity of winning so many seats. Do not be the reason to lose respect. Hurdles will be created in the future if you continue mistreatment of your people” Liaquat was quoted as saying in the voice message.

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