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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

PTI women protest in front of SC against Azam Swati’s arrest

Dr Yasmin Rashid also said that it brought her great sorrow that elderly [Azam Swati] was disrespected in the worst possible ways. 

PTI Women’s Wing is currently holding a protest in front of the Supreme Court (SC) demanding the release of senior PTI leader Senator Azam Swati.

According to the details, the protest is being led by PTI Punjab president Dr Yasmin Rashid in solidarity with Azam Swati and his family.

While talking to the media, Dr Yasmin Rashid lashed out at Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and criticized him for not respecting the women of the nation. Pertinent to mention that the PTI female leaders are also protesting against the objectionable remarks made by PDM President Maulana Fazlur Rehman against women.

Dr Yasmin Rashid also said that it brought her great sorrow that elderly [Azam Swati] was disrespected in the worst possible ways.

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“He is not getting any justice. If he won’t get any justice then where will he go? He spoke out against it and then was taken captive. Is this democracy? There has never been such a fascist government ever,” Dr. Yasmin Rashid said.

To clarify, Azam Swati had claimed that his wife was sent a private video, featuring the two of them, from an “unknown number”. He broke down while narrating the incident to the media.

Later the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) declared the video “fake” following a forensic analysis. It said that the objectionable video, circulating on the internet, was analyzed frame-by-frame which revealed that ‘deepfake technology’ was used to edit the video. The FIA said that international standard forensics proved that the video was edited and various videos were used to distort the faces.

Moreover, the PTI leader was once again arrested for speaking against senior military officers early Sunday morning from his farmhouse located in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. He was later presented before a court that had approved Swati’s physical remand for two days. FIA’s Cybercrime Wing had arrested Swati for using foul language for the army chief and other senior military officers.

Azam Swati’s arrest has sparked concerns that the elderly PTI leader may once again be subjected to physical torture which he claimed to have during his previous arrest.

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