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Sunday, November 26, 2023

PTI’s Ehsaas Program: How can provinces play a decisive role?

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In a latest development, Special Assis­tant to the Prime Minister on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar has sought the federal government’s partnership with provincial governments for success of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government’s flagship program Ehsaas. The program was introduced to alleviate poverty. Analysts believe that humane and people friendly policies are the need of the hour for the incumbent government to deliver on its campaign processes.

According to details, Dr. Nishtar visited capitals of Balochistan and Sindh on Sunday and during meetings with the two provinces’ representatives briefed them on Ehsaas plans. Dr Nishtar, who is also chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), held meetings with BISP officials in Quetta and Pishin.

She urged the officials to create awareness about Ehsaas among people, she said the programme had been designed to alleviate poverty from the country. The officials in Pishin briefed Dr Nishtar on the BISP function in the district and informed her about their problems. She promised to solve their problems on priority.

In Quetta, she held a meeting with Balochistan Governor retired Justice Amanullah Yasinzai. She is also scheduled to meet Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani on Monday. According to a press release, Dr Nishtar attended a session hosted by the Sindh governor in Karachi during which she apprised Sindh cabinet members about Ehsaas. “We all have to work together to strengthen the federation and exploit synergy — irrespective of political differences especially when it comes to the welfare of those who need it the most,” she said.

She invited all public and private representatives from Sindh to work together with Ehsaas program for the uplifting of people. Dr. Nishtar stressed that Ehsaas is a nationwide program and it offered many things to the provinces, including the Ehsaas one window programs (Kifa­lat, Tahafuz, National Poverty Gradua­tion Initiative, online free resources).

Ehsas is a poverty elevation program. During the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Khan said that we are launching help programs for street children, and for transgenders who are treated so cruelly in our society.

She said the Solutions Innovation Challenge which Ehsaas would be launching for livelihood creation and social protection would impact the entire country. Dr Nishtar outlined areas where collaboration was sought with the provincial government, in particular in the areas of Insaf card, consolidation of online ­portals in areas of devolved subjects.

She particularly stressed the need for provinces to implement the Governance and Integrity Policy, and partner in the implementation of Pillar I (governance) and Pillar III (human capital development) of Ehsaas.

PTI’s Ehsas Program

Ehsas is a poverty elevation program. During the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Khan said that we are launching help programs for street children, and for transgenders who are treated so cruelly in our society. There will be a special crackdown on bonded labor. He also said that daily labourers will be helped and protected under our Tahaffuz program. Bait-ul-Maal will fund homes for 10,000 orphaned children. Moreover, to help women, at village levels especially…we will empower them with livestock through which they can get milk, they could feed their kids.

PM Khan elaborated article-38 of the constitution of Pakistan and said that “the first change we are bringing is that article 38-D which says we must feed people, take care of their health, it is a policy in the constitution. But we are amending it and converting it into a fundamental right.”

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People-friendly Policies

Furthermore, PM Khan who has always been an ideologue of a welfare Islamic state emphasized on the principles laid down by the holy Prophet (P.B.H) fourteen hundreds years ago. He maintained that “Pakistan is the first country that was made in the name of Islam. But what Islam teaches us and the model of Riasat-e-Madina; unfortunately no one ever researched it, we never looked into the depths of what made it such a successful society based on welfare and equality.”

In November last year, PM Khan also approved a social protection framework. The framework reportedly has been designed which addresses challenges of poverty, health, stunted growth, education and would enable the youth to realize their potential and extricate themselves out of the generational poverty traps.

In Pakistan child mortality rate is high due to unavailability of proper health facilities. Around 45 children face problems in their mental growth due to improper food available to them. PM Khan made it clear during his maiden speech that his intention was to address such core problems of Pakistan.

PTI-led government has also introduced Sehat Card policy to provide the poor people with equal health opportunities. It is worth noting that the Sehat Card included medicinal coverage up to seven lac and twenty thousand rupees for needy people.

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Political analysts believe that humane and people friendly policies of the incumbent government shall help PM Khan retain popular legitimacy even during the worst economic conditions. However, PTI is suggested to ponder upon out of box solutions to deal with the existing economic upheaval and high inflation.