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Sunday, May 19, 2024

PTM’s fake news busted: Pak Army not fighting Afghan Taliban

PTM has openly started propagating against the state of Pakistan as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also announced its support for the controversial outfit. It clearly shows PTM's agenda is that of inciting the peaceful Pashtuns to create hatred.

The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) is currently banking upon fake news to advance its racist and anti-Pakistan agenda by alleging Pakistan Army of fighting along with Taliban in Afghanistan and TTP’s activities in Pakistan.

Through different media strategies, the PTM is planning to disseminate fake news, specifically in Pakistan to bring a bad name to the country and its institutions.

Using their propaganda tools, the PTM alleged that the Pakistan Army personnel were fighting along with Taliban in Afghanistan and that the Army is bringing dead bodies from Afghanistan and burying them in Punjab.

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According to the defense analysts, the PTM was also spreading videos and pictures of Taliban collecting funds in Pakistani areas.

The statements of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Vice President Amarullah Saleh in support of the PTM also puts a question mark on the PTM’s credibility, posing the party as the protégé of Afghan elements.

The defense analysts also doubted as why the Voice of America, BBC and Radio Free Europe were giving special coverage to PTM questioning whether they were working on any specific agenda.

“PTM is a racist organization. Racist element is evident in their speeches and private meetings. They are trying to use Pashtuns for their vested interests and political gains,” an analyst said.

They also dubbed the videos and photos of Taliban collecting funds in Pakistan as fake since TTP did not have their organized presence in Pakistan. They explained that TTP has its sanctuaries in Afghanistan which has been confirmed by recent UN reports.

“Allegations regarding Pakistan Army fighting along with Taliban in Afghanistan are bogus since no official statements either by US or NATO has mentioned such activity. PTM has made up such allegations to attract attention,” an analyst remarked.

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Since people of Pakistan have rejected PTM, it is desperately looking for new issues, they believed.

Courtesy: APP