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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Punjab Govt Places Ban On Social Media In Educational Institutes To End Drug Abuse

With Pakistan being fastly engulfed by the peril of drug abuse, authorities deem banning the use of social media, a tool in thriving drug selling business, in the educational institutes will help curtail the rising incidence of drug abuse in the country.

The Punjab Government on Friday has promulgated the ban on the use of mobile phones and social media in educational institutions across the province.

The decision apparently has been taken to stop the use of drugs among students in educational institutes. According to the official notification issued by Director Public Instruction Punjab Zulfikar Ali Bhatti mentioned that to safeguard the young generation from the menace of drugs it is essential to place the ban on the use of social media in schools.

The notification stated: “The Competent Authority has desired that under the prevailing dangers of Menace of Drugs in the Educational Institutions (Public 86 Private Sector) and to safeguard the Young Generation from this curse, it is mandatory to impose complete ban on the use of Mobile and other sources to use Social Media in the premises of Educational Institutions across the Punjab (Public & Private Sectors) and also for the children under 16-years.” The resultant directives have been issued to district education authorities.

Drug Usage In Educational Institutes

The decision has been taken in the purview of the recent survey which has reported an alarming surge in drug use and alcohol among youngsters in Pakistan with educational institutes the epicenter of drug selling businesses. The survey quoted that nearly 40,000 Pakistani youth fall prey to drug abuse every year. One of the disturbing facts established by the survey that is the majority of heroin addicts are under the age of 24.

The growing trend of drug abuse in educational institutions has posed a serious threat to the lives and health of students as the university and college students use drugs openly.

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Another survey further quoted that one out of every 10 college/university going students is a drug addict. Almost 50% of the students of elite educational institutes in Islamabad/ Lahore are drug addicts. Since the majority of these students belong to affluent class they have no issue of affordability.

The government of Pakistan has paced up its fight against drug abuse in the country. The provincial police departments have been running a robust campaign against the drug peddlers in the country.


Pakistan is serving as the gateway to the world for around 75% of all drugs produced around the globe in neighboring Afghanistan, the country is fast turning into the major consumer of drugs.

Lahore District Inspector General Operations Ashfaq Ahmed Khan, that while Police has initiated a crackdown on drug sellers operating near educational institutes, Police have also arrested 900 suspects in the last three months.

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DIG Khan said that efforts are afoot to curb drug supply to the educational institutions and the police have increased surveillance around the schools and colleges.