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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Punjab Govt Plans To Introduce ‘Fair Price Shops’ and ‘Ration Card’

In order to facilitate the underprivileged class, and protect them from the harshness of inflation and price hike, the Punjab government has decided to introduce a fair price shop and ration card.

Punjab government is mulling to introduce two separate schemes to provide relief to the downtrodden people marred by inflation. Punjab Industries, Commerce and Investment Department, will begin a ‘Fair Price Shop‘ and ‘ration card‘ scheme in the province.

Under the project, the fair price shop will be established at a district level to provide grocery items at a controlled rate. Shop owners will get a salary and commission from the government, whereas the stores will be monitored and funded by the district government.

Similarly, the provincial government will also distribute ration cards among the deserving people. As per the sources, people who received electricity bills up to Rs.2000 will be eligible for the card.

The government will receive data from power companies to make their list. The cardholders will be able to get free rations of up to Rs. 2500 per month.

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As per media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the plan and directed for immediate implementation of the program.

The efforts are additional to the federal government’s countrywide Ehsaas Program, which intends to scale down poverty by providing social and economic assistance to the underprivileged section.

Ehsaas Program is a multi-dimensional poverty reduction program chalked out by Dr.Sania Nishtar that aims to control the burgeoning poverty in Pakistan. The focus of efforts in the Ehsaas Program is a multi-sectorial, to radically improve Pakistan’s progress toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (Global Goals) for its more than 210 million people. The program has initiated a 134 new poverty-focused policy actions and programs.

Ehsaas is about the creation of a ‘welfare state’ by countering elite capture and leveraging 21st century tools—such as using data and technology to create precision safety nets; promoting financial inclusion and access to digital services; supporting the economic empowerment of women; focusing on the central role of human capital formation for poverty eradication, economic growth and sustainable development; and overcoming financial barriers to accessing health and post-secondary education.