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Quratulain Baloch takes another dig at Imran Khan

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Pop singer Quratulain Baloch has again taken a dig at the chief of Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan, but this time she has given him some harsh advice. The singer in her tweet has called Khan to speak only when his ‘words are more beautiful than silence’.

Quoting the saying of Imam Ali (A.S) she has asked Khan to be pure in his intentions and thoughts.

The singer criticized Khan for his duplicity and himself being a part of the system he wishes to change.

However, her tweet attracted lots of criticism. Her twitter was soon poured with the messages of denunciation.

Previously, Baloch used derogatory words for Imran Khan over Aisha Gulalai’s allegation of sexual misconduct on him.

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She faced severe backlash on Twitter that time and this time too the singer wasn’t spared by the Twitterati.

People are unable to understand the reasons for her freshly revealed discontentment for Khan.

Some say her outright criticism on Khan is another publicity stunt and there is no serious rift between the two.

Meanwhile, this is how Twitter reacted to her post:

Imran Khan has however not yet responded to the lady. It is unclear if he is unaware of her comments about him or has deliberately stuck to ignorance.

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  1. QB should concentrate on her singing and improve her vocals. She should also consider going under knife for the noze do. That would enhance her stage appeal.

  2. She is sad like gullalai for being ignored by imran khan. She should go back from wherever she came from. A very ordinary failed singer performing in schools only is now trying desperately to get media attention.

  3. A C class though D & E class singer who eben doesn’t have any rythm in her singing use such a third class word for seems to be publicity stunt as she couldn’t recognized herself in lime.light nor any significant numbers she has to.famouse her self.


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