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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Ramiz Raja gives same advice Imran Khan had given to team in 1992

Chairman Raja repeated the same advice Imran Khan as the captain had given to his players ahead of the final match.

Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja has give the same advice to Pakistan Cricket Team ahead of the T20 World Cup final what Imran Khan had given to his team in 1992. Raja has reached Australia to attend the T20 World Cup final scheduled for Sunday between England and Pakistan at Melbourne Cricket Stadium.

Ramiz Raja met the cricket team of Pakistan and motivated the players ahead of the final match. He talked to the players and motivated them to win the final. Raja gave the example of cricketing legend Imran Khan ahead of the final of the 1992 World Cup. Chairman Raja repeated the same advice Imran Khan as the captain had given to his players ahead of the final match. Raja, just like Imran Khan, advised the players to enjoy the moment and give their best on the field as these moments may never come back in life.

Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja said, “In 1992 we were nervous but the current team of Pakistan looks more confident than before. They are relaxed and enjoying the moments.”

“I met with the T20 WorldCup squad of Pakistan and gave them a reference of 1992. They are relaxed. Imran Khan in 1992 told us to enjoy once in a lifetime moment and this is exactly what I have conveyed my advice to team Pakistan for the final,” said Raja while talking to the media.

“There is a reason why Pakistan has reached the final with such ups and downs. Pakistan plays its best cricket under pressure. There is so much similarity with 1992. It would be my dream come true if Pakistan won the final at Melbourne,” commented Ramiz Raja.

He was also present during the net sessions of the Pakistan Cricket Team.

The mentor of the Pakistan Cricket Team Matthew Hayden also talked to the media.

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“It’ll be an important chapter of Pakistan cricket as the 92 campaign was the emergence of another superpower. One of the most influential cricketers of all time, Imran Khan, is doing great things, celebrating democracy is an important part of life, and he’s doing that like a champion,” the mentor of the team said.

He said the team took the criticism with positivity. “I think you can’t come to a tournament like this and expect to have it your entire way. Our last campaign was very smooth in the T20 World Cup, we won every game convincingly, sort of clinical like we saw our semifinal performance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything until you strike the big game. So here we are in the big game. We’ve taken on board the criticisms, and we’ve enjoyed the successes and the failures, both. And I think we’re ready to play,” he said.

Regarding the opening partnership of Rizwan and Babar Hayden said, “Both are very good leaders. Both men are highly geared towards nationalistic pride, and their commitment to Islam as well, they’ve got each other’s backs, two are always better than one and that’s why great partnerships are recognized. That’s why you’ll see every player stand up with a 50 or 100-run partnership because it matters.”

“These are key factors for Rizzi and Babar. And that it’s generational and cricket as well. You know, who will ever forget that? Hey, isn’t great, it’s a partnership, you know, something which I was, and Justin, we’re always like chasing that partnership. Never got there. But what’s in our heads was important,” he said.

Hayden believes Pakistan has got its act together in the last few weeks ahead of the final of the T20 World Cup 2022.

“Pakistan side has six genuine options that are seventh as well, should Ifti be required. I think the bases are covered. I think both sides actually have got very equal setups when you look at the England setup as well. They’ve got genuinely six bowling options and the handy options of having batting all-rounders as well,” he said.