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Monday, April 15, 2024

Rana Tanveer slammed for using foul language against Imran Khan & his family

PML-N leader and Education Minister Rana Tanveer is getting intense criticism for his choice of words against Imran Khan and his family.

PML-N leader and Education Minister Rana Tanveer has sparked strong criticism for using foul language against former prime minister Imran Khan and his family, that too in the National Assembly.

While addressing the lower house of the parliament, Rana Tanveer targeted Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, and justified police action on his Zaman Park residence, saying that his wife was not special as the same had been done with Maryam Nawaz.

To clarify, Imran Khan had earlier claimed that his wife Bushra Bibi was alone at home when the police attacked Zaman Park. This has prompted the PML-N camp to lash out at Imran Khan for maintaining double standards while claiming that PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz was also alone in her room when the police barged in to arrest her husband during PTI tenure.

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Moving on, Rana Tanveer also lashed out at Imran Khan and used inappropriate language while using the name of the father of the PTI chairman. The minister is getting intense criticism for his choice of words in the National Assembly.

The video of Rana Tanveer attacking Imran Khan and his family in a crass manner is going viral on social media. He was previously criticized for using cuss words at a university convocation, for which he later apologized, calling it a “slip of the tongue”.

“The same person abused the entire Rajput community in front of the students in a university a few days ago and has abused Khan today. What else has the politics of this country got left to fall to? These are their real faces. This is not a politician but a mafia that can go to any extent. Sad,” PTI leader Dr Shahbaz Gill said.

“What Rana Tanveer said today in the assembly about Imran Khan, his father, and the way the assembly members including Khawaja Asif were laughing, and thumping the desk, it was sad to see and hear everything. Shameful. This is our parliament, these are our parliamentarians,” Geo anchor Irshad Bhatti said.

“More than the accident, the tragedy is that Rana Tanveer, who is abusive in the parliament, is the education minister of this country,” journalist Anwar Lodhi said.

Pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s politics has taken a turn for the worst where political leaders make scathing personal attacks against opponents and even use foul language.

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