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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ranveer Singh’s eccentric Dressing Sense Scared a Child among Fans

Ranveer Singh, the master of picking up the most eccentric style, unintentionally scared a minor. The scared child started crying as soon as the actor approached her.

A kid started crying as soon as Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh stepped near her. Ranveer’s quirky look, dressed in the long bright orange-red hoodie, which went below his knees, scared the child. The video of a crying child standing in the crowd went viral on social media.

Not only he wore a long hoodie, but he also wore black sunglasses in the night, with neon green shoes, and his thick mustache gave him a weird look.


A few fans waiting from him asked Ranveer for a selfie, the kid was with a fan. However, right after seeing Ranveer in the red hoodie, the kid started crying. This actor approached the kid and patted her back after which the child burst in tears. The whole incident was captured on camera.

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A video quickly went viral after an Instagram user posted it on his account, several social media users left wittiest comments on the post. Some of the users were convinced his look is inspired by Netflix’s hit Spanish series Money Heist.

This is the first instance when Ranveer has put off a child to cry with his eccentric dressing style. Popular in the industry for super power-packed performances, he is also known for donning on the most bizarre fashion statements. The 34-year old actor does not shy away from experimenting with different styles, standing out among other Bollywood actors who usually go for tried-and-tested looks.


The upbeat actor has under his belt some remarkable performances as Alauddin Khilji in Padmavat, an unmatched performance of a wild, unruly and furious ruler. He is praised for his role as a street rapper, living, and growing up in slums with big dreams, in movie Gully Boy alongside Alia Bhatt.

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He is currently working on an upcoming movie 83, set to play the role of legendary Indian player Kapil Dev. The movie revolves around India’s cricket World Cup triumph in 1983. His real-life wife Deepika Padukone will play his on-screen wife in the film – Romi Bhatia.