Reason Why Smartphones are Becoming the Most Popular Devices for Online Shopping

As per the PayPal and IPSOS ‘mCommerce Report’, which was based on a survey conducted with respondents across 11 countries, encompassing 22,000 consumers, along with 4,000 business respondents in 2019, it was reported that around 88 percent of Indian consumers shopped or made payments via their mobile devices. This number was significantly above the global average of 71 percent.

Another report titled ‘India m-Commerce Insights’ by techARC, which is a technology analysis, research and consulting firm revealed that one in three Indians shop using their mobile phones. These numbers shouldn’t shock anybody, considering the fact that there are more than 500 million smartphone users in the country today, while the smartphone penetration is expected to increase further over the next 2-3 years. According to early estimates, there will be around 780 million smartphone users in India alone by 2023.

Online mobile phone shopping isn’t a new phenomenon. However, the rate at which consumers are embracing mobile shopping is staggering. There are a few reasons why consumers have warmed up to the idea as quickly as they did. Let us take a closer look at what makes mobile shopping so attractive.

Convenient and on-the-go shopping

The study we had alluded to previously also revealed that 70 percent of Indian consumers surveyed preferred mobile shopping over other forms. That is because shopping via smartphone is extremely convenient. For instance, when you are shopping online by using a laptop, it isn’t as convenient, as you cannot easily move from one place to the other. However, smartphones eliminate those hassles, and you can even shop on-the-go.

Let us take an example. Let us assume you want to be one of the early-bird shoppers, who are warming their fingers and thumbs, because a brand — say Vivo — is planning to go live with its smartphone model, say Vivo Y19. These early bird sales and flash sales don’t go on for too long. It might be inconvenient for you to sit in front of a laptop, waiting for the clock to strike 12 PM, or whenever the sale goes live. By shopping on your mobile phone, however, you won’t have to postpone your work, as you can even shop while you are on-the-move.

One-click checkout

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also getting in on the act, as they now enable consumers to shop without leaving the platform. Their “Buy buttons” let shoppers purchase items that they like, which is extremely convenient. The m-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace, and with social media giants enabling consumers to shop without leaving their platforms, it gives greater impetus for consumers to shop using their handsets.

Another nifty, convenient feature that e-commerce platforms use is a one-click checkout option. This way, shoppers only have to enter their payment information once, and from the next time, they can use the one-click option without having to type anything.

Auto-fill and easy login process

Smartphones also offer an easy login process. For instance, if you are shopping on Paytm, you only have to scan your fingerprint to login. Similarly, if you’ve downloaded Flipkart and Amazon apps on your smartphone, you can be assured of a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Other than mobile-based transactions, you also have auto-fill options on smartphones, which you can use by scanning your fingerprint. This is particularly helpful if two or more people are using the same account to shop for products.

Similar to e-commerce platforms, m-commerce platforms are quickly becoming the preferred way of shopping for the tech-savvy consumers. Young adults want greater convenience, and mobile shopping gives them the opportunity to shop no matter where they are!

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