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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Reflection of limited world view: Dr. Moeed Pirzada reacts to Khawaja Asif’s speech

Khawaja’s speech was the manifestation of the deficits in his understandings of world issues.

Khawaja Asif’s speech in parliament was reflection of his cerebral weaknesses. Dr. Moeed Pirzada expresses shock over Defense Minister’s childish allegations against Canadian nation and Pakistani diaspora living in western countries. In his latest youtube vlog Dr. Moeed questions Khawaja Asif’s limited worldview and the validation of his critique on Canadian nation in his speech made in parliament on Monday.

Khawaja Asif while reacting to a Canadian parliament member’s allegations against Pakistan’s military commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa told parliament that “Canada is one of the highest ranking country in regard to incidents of Islamophobia.” He also questioned the loyalties of Pakistani diaspora living in Canada, North America and other western countries for their continuous criticism on current government and establishment of Pakistan.

It seems that Khwaja Sahib never went to Canada, otherwise he would have guessed that Canada is the champion of religious and racial tolerance all over the world, now who can explain to the Minister that it was better to remain silent. It would have been fine had these allegations come from a 17 year old boy, but a 70 year old seasoned parliamentarian and the federal minister should have a better worldview.

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The speech was more of a defense of the military establishment than the state’s policy statement on the issue. After his April, 2015 speech in parliament against the armed forces, it feels strange that the same man would now stand up and start defending the armed forces. Nation knows how Khawaja Asif won in 2018 general elections after making a phone call to an important figure of Pakistan. Khawaja’s speech was the manifestation of the deficits of his understandings of world issues.

Canada has opened its gates for the world in last 20 years and it has one of the most culturally diverse and robust society where people from every color, religion, ethnicity and culture live together. Defense minister should rather save his energies for making Pakistan’s culture more conducive for minorities where they are frequently subjected to violence and fake blasphemy cases.

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Khawaja and his party should get their acts together in making Pakistan more peaceful and viable for every segment of society rather than aspersing a civilized nation.