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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Reham Khan trolled in UK while preparing for interview to Indian Media

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A Pakistani woman confronted Reham Khan at a London park, as she was preparing for an interview with an Indian news channel. The woman lashed out at Reham Khan in the presence of his son Sahir.

A video circulating on social media showed the woman criticizing Reham Khan for running a malicious campaign on media against Imran Khan and Pakistan. The woman shamed Reham Khan for defaming Imran Khan and Pakistan on Indian media, which is already hostile towards the country.

She also called out Reham Khan for claiming to leave Imran Khan when in fact it was Imran Khan who dissolved his marriage with Reham.

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The woman relentlessly questioned Reham Khan and kept accusing her of hypocrisy and slander. Reham Khan, however, politely and calmly asked the woman to give her the chance to respond.

Reham Khan asked the woman if she has read her recently released book to which the woman replied the book was below the standard and violated the ethical standards hence she has not read the book. The woman also accused Reham Khan of maligning Imran Khan and his third wife out of jealousy.

Her son Sahir stepped in to defend his mother from the verbal attack but Reham Khan asked him to calm down. Reham Khan; however, left the place after rescheduling her interview. People, however on social media appreciated Reham Khan for handling the situation smoothly.

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The woman questioned Sahir as to why is he staring at her. Reham responded by stating, “Because he is my son and you are talking to his mother in a rude manner.”

Reham Khan’s infamous book has garnered her heavy load of criticism on social media. The controversial content of the book offended many, including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Jemima Khan and Wasim Akram.

Reham Khan, recently, was also caught up in a Twitter feud with Zaid Ali.