Reham Khan warns Imran of the heavy & costly PM Crown

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Journalist, author and the former wife of PTI chief Imran Khan, Reham Khan, in an interview to an Indian news channel, expressed her concerns regarding the heavy responsibilities of being a Prime Minister of Pakistan.

She warned Imran Khan of the power that is heaved upon one when he/she becomes a Prime Minister. “The crown comes at a huge price: his integrity, it has cost him all of his integrity, which is a tragic fall for a hero.”

He will be remembered as the man who stole the people’s mandate.

Reham believes Imran Khan will have to make a lot of compromises and his performance will be tested within the next few days. She stated that she was not surprised at the General Elections 2018’s result, as it was already established who is going to become Pakistan’s next Prime Minister.

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“We have been calling him the prime minister select for some time now and I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that he has been waiting to be crowned. But heavy is the head that wears the crown,” stated Reham.

Reham further added that even the international media had been calling it the dirtiest election ever but she could not have imagined that it would be this dirty.

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Reham Khan, in an article on theprint, wrote,

“And so, what is my reaction to the news of Imran Khan finally getting what he wanted? Relief that I am not with him at this time. He will be remembered as the man who stole the people’s mandate. For me, it is important to be with a man who commands respect because of his intellect or ability. It is impossible to be with someone who compromises his integrity and becomes the butt of jokes. But Pakistan, however, is now stuck with him. They have no option of walking away from their PM-to-be like I did.”

But heavy is the head that wears the crown

She further criticized Imran Khan for not knowing how to cast a vote, as his vote was canceled for polling it in front of live media transmission. “The skipper of the rocky boat has less than a glowing report,” concluded Reham.

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