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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Reham Khan’s book sparks a legal battle

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Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Twitter feud seems to be turning into a full on legal battle. The two began butting heads when Abbasi criticized her upcoming book, which he had read an advance copy of. According to Abbasi the unpublished manuscript depicted Imran Khan as “the most evil man to walk the face of this planet,” which enraged the staunch PTI supporter. It also seemed to depict Shehbaz Sharif of PML-N quite positively, which didn’t sit well with Hamza Ali Abassi.

Rehman Khan, meanwhile, hinted that he must have illegally obtained a copy of her book because she hadn’t given it to him.

She then dropped a bombshell that Hamza Ali Abassi had been threatening her through emails since 2017.

She uploaded a screenshot of an email sent to her in which he seemingly told her that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had leverage against her. She then went ahead and threatened to unveil more emails.

Abbasi proceeded to unleash the dirt he had on Khan.

And although Reham Khan seemed to take it in stride, mocking him by saying that he’d ended up promoting her book, she seemed anything but calm the next day, when she decided to serve Abbasi a legal notice demanding he apologize publically to her within 14 days or else be forced to pay 5 billion rupees.

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This is due to him spreading “several false defamatory communications, statements and representations… against [her]”, including serious allegations like “receiving GBP 100,000 from N-League, Shahbaz Sharif” and producing “purported email exchanges [between her and Ahsan Iqbal] allegedly hacked from her email account”.

However the story took another interesting turn when Hamza Ali Abbasi retaliated by stating that he had also sent a legal notice to Khan.

On Twitter, the actor stated:

“Dear Reham Khan, U uploaded this fake email attributing it to me & now I have decided to serve U a legal notice about it in London. PLEASE reply to this notice when U get it and other notices U have already received. Thank you :-)….”

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Khan hasn’t acknowledged whether or not she has gotten a legal notice from Abbasi but revealed that she is also being served a notice by the cricketer Wasim Akram, PTI Foreign Media Head Anila Khawaja and Reham’s ex-husband Ijaz-ur-Rehman as well as businessman Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari. She certainly has a lot on her plate right now with her book as the common concern between all.

With so much fuss around her new book, Khan’s book sure seems like it would be something to look out for.